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Kitteh huntin’

Note: All pix here available as puzzles! See Puzzles page (tab above)

As most of you reading this know, OSG went kitteh huntin’ last week and came home with some darling new babies. Carolyn and I were lucky enough to be asked along for moral support (but also to drive so OSG could commune with her new babies! 😉 )

First stop was the animal shelter. OSG had her eye on an Emily lookalike that matchmaker CJ had found on the internet. The facility was a lovely surprise. Comcast has donated beautiful big glass enclosures where the kittens can run loose and be played with. Great cat trees and overhead runs. Several very nice people were there with kids, some adopting, some who couldn’t have pets where they lived and so brought their kids to the shelter to get their furry “fix.” I found one utterly adorable 8 week old black kitteh-girl who just about came home in my pocket. If it weren’t for our traveling with our cats…by golly, I’d have done it! Fortunately, it was her first day there and I bet she was snapped up by someone in the next couple of days. She had a motor you wouldn’t believe.

Then it was into another room lined with pristine very large cages. (I assume they rotate the kitties in the glass room and the outdoor facility.) There were several older cats here…really lovely creatures that I hope someone snaps up soon. But the one I immediately headed for held two little grey fluffballs.

Now…I must digress a moment. When I was growing up, we had a rescued (from under our house) Siamese mama cat who presented us with many beautiful kittens before we finally caught her between litters and got her spayed. (Fortunately, we never had trouble finding homes for them.) For the most part, they were beautiful little Siamese (our neighbors had a randy Siamese male) and even more beautiful little black half Siamesesss. (Thus beginning my lifelong love affair with black kittehs…but I digress even further.) There was also a Persian-type male floating about and we got a couple of long haired babies out of it. One a gorgeous black female and another that was, yes, a longhaired silver tabby…looked just like the little girl in this cage with her equally beautiful little brother.We lost Fizzy tragically and much too soon and I think about her often. (I’ve got a pic of her somewhere…hope I can find it…Sis…if you’re reading this, do you have one?)

I hoped…oh, I hoped…OSG would be attracted to them, even though she seemed more interested in the litter in the next cage which had more beautiful babies…one that was very like her Emily. I didn’t say much of anything tho I oo’d and ah’d a lot, because bonding can’t be forced, but when I picked up the little guy and he began purring and cuddling, I was very thankful for my hard and fast rule of black cat ownership. I wanted to take these two home, too!

Suffice to say, when I came back from cuddling my little black girl in the other room to find OSG on the floor snuggling with Bella (now Luna) my gut did a little happy dance. However, I knew OSG also had her heart pretty well set on Angie, the rescue kitty out in the valley, which I totally understood, but I was really afraid that in the name of a two-kitty/two-person household, she was going to break up the set, which would have been a real shame. Having now had two kitties who luhooooove each other, sleeping and cuddling together, I’d hate for her to miss out on the fun. I was also really afraid that shy little Bella, who was more into escaping than cuddling, w/b pretty traumatized if separated from her much bolder brother. I fear I did some pretty fast talking to support my thesis, but in truth, I think OSG really wanted them both anyway, cuz she was pretty fast to get on the phone with OSGuy and get the “go ahead” for three, if Angie ended up a keeper as well.

So…she put the twins on hold and we headed out to the valley and Angie’s rescue-mom. Now here’s where the most important part of the day happened for me. Rescue-mom had experience with a bengal with the same, er, flatulance problem as the Shuster and it turned out to be irritable bowel which a few days on prednizone cured. I went home armed with hope that my little boy’s tricky gut might just get solved (and so far, after a quick visit to the vet and some pills, it looks like it’s going to work!) and OSG went home with kitteh #3.

We picked up the twins on the way home, picked up our car from Swinging Doors and drove OSG home (in all honesty, we wouldn’t have let her drive herself. I think she’d been going on adrenaline since she lost Emily and Kate and having made this very positive but still difficult decision, her whole system just crashed.) Kitties were quiet and good as gold in the car. OSGuy was waiting when we got there. CJ and I stuck around for the initial introduction, then scooted out the door, leaving the new parents to get to know their babies. As we were leaving, little Mr Twin was already carefully exploring every nook and cranny of the living room, bold as brass. I think he’ll be the courage (and instigator) for all three and OSG/Guy can look forward to a very happy household for a long time to come!

Thanks OSG for inviting us along!

Here’s the slideshow, such as it is. Same pix she has on FB, which is cool, but we KNOW there’re more pix. This is OSG we’re talking about. C’mon, woman! Kitty action pix!

11 comments to Kitteh huntin’

  • Oh how great they are! Angie looks like a tortie we had when I was a young teen, though that kitty was Persian from a shorthair feral mama. Angie looks so sweet. Hoping that being with the silver tabby twins will get her feeling more confident and social soon. The silver tabbies look terrific. That’s one color I’ve never had, out of a long series of cats since I was a pre-teen. They all look happy. Hah, and bold brother looks like he’ll be really something. Congrats to OSG and OSGuy!

    BTW, since Smokey looks so much like Yushu, I guess I’m lucky, or rather Smokey is, that he doesn’t have an irritable digestive system. But being a street kitty rescue, and being a bold little guy, he wants to eat, eat, whereas Goober has tight personal appetite control, a slim, mannerly gentleman. tuxedo and all.

  • TabbyCat

    Oh, they are adorable! Congratulations to OSG; they are going to be so much fun!

  • much oooohhhing and aaaahhhhing from here!

  • See, OSG? MORE PIX. I’ll just add to this slideshow and post anew….

  • smartcat

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Dose are some beyoooty babies! OSG/G you are in for some lively times!

    Congratulations and MORE PIX, Please. :biggrin:

  • kokipy

    Yes, yes, MORE PIX!!! That little boy is exactly like our silver tabby at that age. Does he have six toes (as ours does)?
    they are darling, darling! Luna is so pretty and delicate, and Angie looks like a real personality is waiting to be coaxed into the open.

  • smartcat

    BTW Aloysius is absolutely facinated by the kitteh show. He’s sitting on my lap and puts a paw on my hand when I startto move away. 😉 :wub:

  • WOL

    I have a pewter grey classic tabby — the girl with the swirl. I ended up kinda monocrome — a white half siamese, the grey furry tail princess, and the black one with a tiny white tip on his tail.

  • chondrite

    Luna seems froofier than her brother; how much of that is kitten fluff and how much will be retained as she gets older? From OSG’s first description, I had thought both kittens were longhairs.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I’m back hoooooo-me…… and the twins have nearly doubled in size since I flew out 5 days ago.

    Luna is fluffier than the still nameless boy twin. She’s a long-hair for sure; he’s more of a medium coat. Angie is still spending lots of time hiding, but all 3 will sleep on us, and have been playing together.

    Shhhhhh…don’t tell the kitties yet, but I brought home a kitty present from the Portland (Oregon, USA) Saturday Market just for them — a catnip toy. More pics, eventually! I promise! Now, to bed for me, surrounded by fluffy babies.

  • More pix! YAYAYAYAY. We wanna come visit. Maybe Friday? Will you be skating?

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