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OMG: thanks to Tad Williams I can share the following link:

Kitteh Covers:

A new twist on LoL Khats. This is just a taste… More here:

Let It Be...furry style

(Note to OSG: I need a picture of little Mr Grey…and what about the one you took through the cage door of the twins all curled up together, eh? I need slide show fodder!)

11 comments to OMG: thanks to Tad Williams I can share the following link:

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Headed to vet for get-established visit in the next 15 minutes. Angie still remains lost in a time -space warp. Will send pics later!

  • kokipy

    now you are not suggesting that any of these are OSG’s kittens, right? because I want pictures. Pronto, please.
    But these are cute.
    But I bet that OSG’s are cuter?

  • kokipy

    Okay, I see I got it all wrong. But I also see that Jane is on my wavelength, totally. Pictures, OSG, please. ASAP. Surely you are back from the vet now?

  • chondrite

    Yes please. Teh Intarwebz demands pictures, OSG!

  • I’m waaaaaiting….. The problem is Sharon thinks quality it better than quantity. Not necessarily the case when dealing with new kittehs. Just send me the raws, woman!!!! I can prep them for a slide show fast. I promise, you’ll like them!

  • Excellent lolz, loved the linked blog.

    Yes, hoping for pictures of the new fur-kids.

    Hmm, must take more pics of a certain pair of felines around here.

  • kokipy

    (with all due respect, which in this case is none at all) OSG is so wrong! and they will have all grown up! I want to see the baby baby pictures, so I can go green with envy.
    AND I want more of Eushu and Seishi. Jane, you’ve created an appetite here and have failed to feed it (me).

  • I’ve got a backlog of pix. Lots of catching up to do. I’ve been ignoring my computer for so long that it gives me a headache to work on it! :sick:

    Actually, I’ve gotten new contact lenses (modified monovision bifocals) and am just beginning to find the “comfort zone.” But I promised to work on CC stuff after Halloween (that was my cutoff date for obsessive house remodeling) and I’m using my computer time for that right now. Got the covers for Rusalka, Chernevog and Yvgenie done yesterday (and they’re pretty cool… :ninja: )

    Going to work on the new look for the CC site today. (Has Carolyn announced that we’re hoping to have a grand reopening with new look come our second anniversary?) We’re going to streamline the CC site and get it more focused, and have new titles from all of us. But that means Janie needs to keep her nose to the grindstone for the next couple of weeks.

    Doesn’t mean a couple of kitteh slideshows might not be forthcoming. Shall I do an R-rated Shu/Sei show? (kitteh-cuddles overdose)

  • Hey Jane, good luck with the new look for CC. I have (or should have) my nose in filing boxes today and probably tomorrow. (Ugh.) If you have a question on CSS 2 or 3, just ask. I can probably answer it.

  • kokipy

    kitty cuddles will be most very welcome.
    But please don’t over do things! just because I have an insatiable appetite for kitty pictures doesnt mean you really do have to satisfy it. 😀

  • Thanks, BCS! I’m trying out the theme (atahualpa) that CJC and LA both use. What I really want to figure out is how to use images instead of background color for things like the widget titles. Just started working on the problem. Hopefully there’s an easy way to do it through this already very customizable theme rather than go in and actually rewrite whole passages of the CSS. I’m going to take a look at one of the themes (like bubbles) that uses it and see if I can’t just insert a line into the CSS code…which Atahualpa lets you do. Barring that…gee, what’s wrong with just a plain clean and neat page…(sniff)

    Oh…I forgot to say…OSG’s kittehs are up on the puzzle page as well. Angie is HARD in the larger number cuts.

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