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Mongo sorry….

To be so silent. Busy on the redesign of the CC site and covers and editing Chernevog. Back soon. Hugs to everyone!

Who knew…

One woman was singlehandedly responsible, not just for the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip recipe, but Chocolate chips period!


Thanksgiving 2011

I’m going to keep it simple because if I don’t, this will go on for pages.

This is one year where I’m quite literally thankful to be alive. I’m thankful to have the best life partner in the whole world. I’m thankful to have known two of the most wonderfully kitty-persons every birthed and to […]

I think SYTYCD got it right...

This has been an interesting season. I’ve been a huge fan of Ricki and JR since the beginning and always figure they’d be in the mix for the finals. Rob…is a pleasant surprise.

SYTYCD goes far beyond who is the best dancer or who is the most popular, and this season depicts that beautifully. Without […]

Apple Pie Recipe

Here’s the link for the recipe I (sort of) used. http://recipes.aarp.org/recipes/double-crust-spiced-apple-pie

Now…I’m not an apple pie expert. As a kid, I actively hated them. But that’s changed over the years and a good, spicy cooked apple appeals to me in a way it didn’t back then. Besides, We’ve got an apple tree in the back […]

Get a clue, Amazon!

Not to mention the toy makers…and parents!

Okay…I don’t usually rant about stuff like this, tho I actually have a potentially controversial rant on the male/female issue percolating in my hind brain, but Amazon superseded that rant with one that ticks me off a whole lot more.

Just got a link for the “what’s hot […]

Star Trek Aurora concludes!

For those of you who checked it out before (and for those who didn’t, you might try it now), Tim just posted the final ep of Star Trek Aurora. This is a fan-made (Tim does all the art but he has help with the voice actors) full length animated movie of a merchant-style story set […]

Stunning video thanks to MMB!

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

SooperShuChan Saves da Daze…Again!

Mom’s BZ percastinatin’ (Shu-chan don noze wot dat means septin’ she stares at da ‘puter an’ hissspits…lots. Da Shuster takes notes.) She wants t’ telz yu ’bout da pretty sparklies dat Kim-chan sended to Shu-chan. (Mom hissspits dat Kim-chan sended dem to Mom, but Shu-chan noze bedder.) But Mom can’t find da werds so da […]

Kitteh huntin’

Note: All pix here available as puzzles! See Puzzles page (tab above)

As most of you reading this know, OSG went kitteh huntin’ last week and came home with some darling new babies. Carolyn and I were lucky enough to be asked along for moral support (but also to drive so OSG could commune with […]