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Her furry grace: RIP

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We’ll miss you…

12 comments to Her furry grace: RIP

  • Oh no! I am so sorry. I have not read CJ’s blog yet, so if there are details on there, I’ll go check. Please pass along my condolences to CJ (and yourself).

  • kokipy

    so, so sad for all of you.

  • mitha

    And now she has found Efanor. Sending you both hugs, and purrs from Skinny Kitty and Pudgy Kitty, and a special nose-bump of condolences from their dog.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Jane, this is a lovely photo — Ysabel looks quite young in it. Thank you for sharing it. And — my heart goes out to you as well (which you know) — you loved her too.

  • TabbyCat

    It’s good to think of her and Efanor together, but how all of you will miss her here! I am so very sorry .

  • Greenwyvern

    Thanks for the Ysabel jigsaw puzzle.

    Condolences and very best wishes to you both at this sad time.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Hearing how Ysabel recognized Efanor’s blanket gave me some comfort.

  • smartcat

    Many regrets to you and CJ.

  • Thanks, everyone. The pic is an old digital of her from pre-Spokane era. I think she was about 9mo old. Isn’t she pretty?

    As I said over on WWAS, she was an irascible empress to the end, complaining about the vet’s catheter technique and the wait (they kindly squeezed us in at the last minute) but kept poking her nose about the white fur blanket, smelling Efanor. She was very ready to join him. We miss her, tremendously, but life goes on and Shu and Seishi are waiting to absorb all the excess love. Shu was very clingy last night and this AM Seishi valiantly filled in both Ysabel’s brushing slot and his own (oh, the sacrifice…)

    2011 has been…challenging for us all, hasn’t it? MMB, OSG…so many others have lost family and loved ones. But ya’know…in the end, all of us who’re reading this are all doing pretty darn well. Life goes on, we remember those who have passed on with love and good memories, and light a candle to make the universe on candle-power brighter…and laugh to embrace those who are here in spirit and hug for real everyone who’s still here. Soooo, cheesy as it might sound…turn your face to the sun, moon, rain or snow, laugh out loud, and turn to whoever is nearest, furry or not, and squeeze hard and remind yourself just how wonderful it is to be alive and how lucky you are to know…everyone.

    :wub: :heart: :wub: :heart: :wub: :devil: (oops…) :alien: :wub:

  • What a beautiful photo of her.

    I very much like the thought of lighting a candle, and the lantern you both keep is a beautiful idea. I think I’ll light a votive candle until time for bed.

    How to Train Your Dragon was a fantastic movie. Very much liked it.

    I ice to know the Three Musketeers remake was okay and pleasingly scenic. It’s been too long since I saw the version with Michael York.

    My grandmother has caught a bad cold, so I am likely to be scarce for a week or so, won’t be at home over the weekend, because I’ll be with her. Tonight, I’m going to watch whatever’s loaded on my iPad, then read either about ePub format or a novel. If I am awake long, I will try to write some too, or draw.

    The book on ePub formatting was written by Elizabeth Castro, whose tech books I’ve liked before. So far, it looks like it may be easier to learn ePub than I thought.

    Oh, and while thinking of it, I located Vonda McIntyre’s original works in ebooks, and sent an email to Closed Circle and to her. The ebooks are at http://www.bookviewcafe.com/ with several other authors there too, and DRM free. Will be very glad to read them again.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I miss all of our babies.

  • Something that might brighten your day a bit.

    Today, went to the store and they’re moving everything around. Looked for, didn’t find udon noodles this time. Will find them (or other whole wheat / buckwheat) next time.

    But what I *did* find by accident gave me a chuckle, so I thought I’d share. Looking through the shelves, what do I run across, but “Pocky.” Now, I didn’t know what “Pocky” is, except a reference in anime and art and fanfic. Huh, I think, probably sweeter than anything, but (haha) I bought a package to try. Had to.

    Thought it might give you both a grin.

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