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Mood: frustrated

I’ve never worked so long and so hard and spent so much money for a result I’m so unhappy with.

Sigh…The good news is, we got the front storm door put back together and hung. The bad news is, I lost the proper bolts for the handle and the black enamel refused to cure and there’s all kinds of little dings to fix because we had to bang it into plumb. No pix of the project until the door behind it is the red it’s destined to be, but suffice to say, I’m really tired, my feet are sunburned and I’m out of sorts.

So…let’s have cute pix of the kittehs!!!!

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  • 82Eridani

    Sorry the door is not turning out like you wanted. Sometimes it is worth hiring this stuff done.

    I love the togetherness shots! Funny how they are not asleep at the same time, one always has an I open.

    • Oh no. Now it is a personal challenge for Jane. She won’t give up until she wins!

      • Sad to admit…you’re right. :blush: Sigh…I’m so stubborn. I honestly don’t know where we could have had this done. We didn’t want black…black goes “dead” against the bricks.

        And even with all the spray paint, we got it done for under $50. You couldn’t get someone to come to the door for that much. Oh, wait…except for the guys who charged us $30 for a $7 job. Forgot about that one….

  • 82Eridani

    Well, meant an eye…. Time for bed.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    TOO CUTE!!!!!

  • The pictures are great! Love to see them getting along so well!

  • CJ

    CJ-translation: “The door and frame just have a tiny few dings fixable with an artist’s brush and the sliding glass panes don’t work so well, but if you close them, the air pressure doesn’t let the door close: it’s that tight a seal. And so the door is reluctant… In a piece of ‘machinery’ designed to stop air, I’m betting the paint layer is too thick in a couple of places, and Jane is now boiling the paint coat off the one piece, the door lock security shield, that I think is the chief offender. Evidently she’s come to the same conclusion. Jane’s idea of painting a 50 year old door is something akin to what other people call museum-quality restoration.”

    • Not really. I just want a smooth finish.

      And it wasn’t the paint. It’s the fact that the door is 2mm out of plumb. The way the corner braces are manufactured, it’s virtually impossible to adjust it in situ and the frame isn’t perfectly square. I’ve got it closing, but it’s not the nice smooth operation I’d gotten before. I like doors to close tight but easily. The latch on the new lock was very marginal with the frame even before we took it apart. The main thing is the deadbolt and that works fine.

      I’ve got the front door sanded and puttied. I’ll start painting it this afternoon. Hopefully the paint will cure properly and we can rehang it tomorrow. Then…I’m DONE with this nonsense until spring. I’ll do the touchup work then. Right now, I’m so sick of it I’m doing slipshod work. Not good.

      • OrionSlaveGirl

        “Jane’s idea of painting a 50 year old door is something akin to what other people call museum-quality restoration.”


        BTW, I love how the red looks on the back door. It really picks up the red bridge.

  • chondrite

    “In desperate need of a caption” reminds me of a scene from “How to Train your Dragon”, where Hiccup is beginning to make friends with the Nightfury:
    “Hmmm, I thought you had teeth befo — oh.”

  • Note to self: Whenever disassembling an item that you intend to reassemble later, put parts in plastic zip-lock bags and label them. Put them in a place where you know you’ll find them when you want them. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to that.

    • I do that if I intend it to be a while before I reassemble. For all the various jobs I currently have going, I had everything in little bowls appropriate to the job, right next to the job. I had everything but these bolts…turns out I had them…they were screws and had weathered so they weren’t the bright brass I expected…ARGH! I still can’t figure why the four holes that aligned before disassembly…now don’t. Paint wouldn’t do anything to them. Wesley, I tell you. I know he did something…

      • I’m sure the Wesser had something to do with it, even if he was light years away, we can still blame him. Now, if you could just leyapult him back to you with the correct hardware….maybe if you toss her a chicken, Mother will help you.

  • Heheh, good advice, Joe. That one’s gotten me too often.

    LOL at the Jane and CJ byplay, and I suspect Jane has it in for that door.

    The pics are great. Eushu is nearly Seishi’s size, but skinnier, not of the great, huge paws. Rather football versus basketball builds. They clearly are great buddies, which is wonderful. Both look like sweet guys. I’m presuming that first pic is Ysabel stretched out, luxuriating that all’s right with her pride. Well, aside from an outraged knuckle and a door being difficult.

    • Shu’s a gymnast. Pure muscle (Well…he’s got a bit of a tummy…) on very gracile bones. He’s half SS’s size and weighs almost as much! (6.4 to 8.6lbs) And SS’s very strong! It’s a good thing Shu is so very good natured. He could be very scary if he had a single mean bone in his body.

  • Xheralt

    OSG & Zette: agree 100%

    BCS: Ysabel wasn’t in any of this set, that I saw…

    CJ: Nice shirt 😎 😉

  • CJ

    Actually, pic 1 is Seishi. 😉 SS stands for Seishi. Seishi is a bit over 8 pounds and nearly twice Shu-shu’s length physically. Shu is 6 and some pounds, and evidently has not only Bengal but neutron star in his ancestry. Incredible how dense that cat is. He is not in the least fat: it’s all coiled spring.

  • Oh! That first pic is Eushu-chan, all stretched out and with the sun on his coat, with the Subaru logo. Huh, I *think* it was my screen at home, making it seem too bright for glossy, furry black.

    The red looks very good!

    • I have a hard time guestimating how pix will show on other screens. Mine is so bright it’s hard to adjust….

      Wait’ll you see the front door. I’ll get pix up tomorrow! Hope it photos well…

  • kokipy

    Love the pictures. You must be feeling so gratified that the bet on Seishi and Shu worked out. And Ysabel also must be feeling gratified that her needs have been so well addressed! and Seishi is also so obviously completely happy in his true home and in the lap that was always meant for him.

    • You’ve got it! It was a huge gamble. We could have spent a fair chunk of change to put an innocent kitteh into an impossible situation. Fortunately, Seishi truly is just what the doctor ordered for the Shuster and vice versa. Shu definitely gave Seishi a whole new way to see the world!

      The only downside is the fact that Shu has gone from being a very skinny kitteh to eating everything in site. I think it’s part of his dominance thing, but it translates to my little boy getting much too tubby. His little tummy is very round these days and I really don’t know what to do about it. He loves his kibbles! I’m trying to give him some raw meat early each day. This is good for the Bengal bloodline (more on that another day) but also will hopefully keep him from gorging on carb-rich kibbles.

  • smartcat

    Cute is definitely the word for the kittehs. Glad to hear that Ysabel is happier too. Just out of curiosity, are you planning to travel with all three? Sounds like the guys are adjusting to rides.

  • CJ

    We tend to believe that Ysabel is ready to retire from really long trips. She’s so stiff now it’s hard for her to maneuver while the car is moving, she wants to be out, and she tends to wander about, so it’s hard for her. Although she could surprise us.

    Shu fears absolutely nothing. Nothing. He was good in the car on the long ride from his birthplace to our house, having left mama and his brothers and sisters: not a twinge, just sleep and play. Seishi is our shy fellow, and is a little less sure of this car business, but numerous short trips will get him acclimated. He wants to be in his carrier (though the door is open) and he is also so tall that the swaying of the car is a balance challenge, plus passing trucks make him nervous—but he’s getting a lot more nerve than previously. He’ll manage.

  • kokipy

    Your cats’ faces are true mirrors to their souls. I look at the pictures and think, yes, that cat looks exactly like his/her personality has been described. kind of neat, I think. Seishi looks so sweet, and Shu so paradigmatically a curious, active fearless little beast, with Ysabel so obviously the queen.

    • One pic I’ve really wanted and never gotten is a Shu-kiss. He gives the best kitteh-kisses ever. He’s a little sparkplug, but he’s also sooooo sweet. Abbey describes the Bengals as everything a cat is but on overdrive (I paraphrase) and that pretty well describes the Shuster. I was putting a trim on the cat tree today…an edge to keep them from sliding off…which involved staples guns and hammers. He was on the top when I started and just stared at me over the edge as I proceeded with all this noise. He’s not afraid of anything. Wheeeee. time for bed…

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