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Mood: Nervous Mom


Da ShuShu is home and nuttier than a fruitcake! Whatever painkiller they gave him has him feeling really good! Also, we paid a few $$ more for laser surgery and I think it was worth every cent.

My kitty boy is becoming an itty boy today. And if the language he used to his doc is any indication, he knows it! (Altho that language could be because he hadn’t gotten his breakfast, let alone his morning smoochies!)

I just left him off at the vet’s and I must admit, for all I know it’s a simple surgery, I’m still a bit antsy. There’s always a danger with anesthesia and he still just feels…undersized to me. Maybe it’s because all my previous boys have been small horses! But the vet said he was pretty average size for neutering, so I’m hoping all will be well. I nearly lost my beloved Elrond due to a blocked urethra, and I’ve always been a bit nervous about it since. There’s no absolute connection between blockage and too-early neutering (which in fact we didn’t do with Elrond…he was six months old) but it’s certainly one possible factor to consider.

Shu, OTOH, is ready. He’s let out a couple of healthy deep yowls this last week and his leaps onto Seishi have become a bit more…hmmm…purposeful? He’s also looking like an adult, albeit very gracile. Not to mention his language! Goodness me. Hissing and growling…Of course he was at the vet’s, but he’s always been completely sweet on our past visits. At this point, he’s truly Mr Personality…at least here at home…but he’s also definitely the most aggressive cat in the house hold and we really don’t want that trait to become dominant.

He’s also getting microchipped, so he’s definitely on the road to being an adult.

Just for giggles…here’s a little slideshow of him helping Mom paint…

14 comments to Mood: Nervous Mom

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Sleeping Beauty at our house is home safely and snoozing off his morning procedure. Please keep us updated on your household!

  • kokipy

    Cat and door and window all lovely, and good to know he survived the procedure. I am interested in the microchipping, as our black cat (a) is adept at removing his collar and (b) is adept at scooting out of the house when we are the least little bit careless. the thing that I don’ t understand about it is how do people who find lost cats know to look for the microchip?

  • Sadie and Birdie are due for their annual checkups. Sadie is also due for microchipping. Birdie is almost 11, she doesn’t go anywhere near the doors, so is not a runaway threat. Now, if I just hadn’t spent all that money on the snow thrower, I’d have enough for the cats. Well, there IS a solution, I’m several pounds overweight, so I just don’t buy a bunch of groceries this month, eat what I have in stock, and reduce the amount of stuff sitting in the freezer and on the shelves.
    @Kokipy, my vet charged me $65.00 to microchip Sydney. That does not include the $17.00 per year for the Homefinders account to record where Sydney belongs. I didn’t ask if I could put multiple cats on the same account, but might be something I need to do. The needle looks huge, especially when used on a small animal like a cat. However, the vet gives a local anesthetic and then the chip gets inserted. It’s no bigger than a grain of rice, and the cat never even notices it’s there. You can’t feel it when you pet the cat, either, and because they give it by injection between the shoulder blades, it heals a lot faster than an incision would. It’s a passive RFI device, so that when the RF field from a scanner crosses it, the resulting electrical current “wakes” the chip up and it announces its identification number. Other than that, there is no battery on the chip, nor does it need it.

  • Ours was $50 per pet, no annual fee, tho there was something on the form we filled out. They said never mind. I’ll try to find out more info on that.

    I think the way it works is, if you report an animal missing in an area, the vets check any animal brought in matching that description. Any animal taken in by the pound is automatically checked.

    Our guys are absolutely indoor, but since we travel so much with the cats, we wouldn’t consider not chipping them.

  • Much sympathy to the little guy. For some reason, I took it more personally when it was time for Smokey to get neutered, but it was very clear from his behavior that he was quite due. aggression without any particular target much intended, certain, ah, urges noted, and so on. It took a couple of months for his hormones and behavior to calm down, but they did. He was not too happy that evening, but still wanted to jump, climb, etc. So I’d recommend Shu stays as calm as you can manage. But yes, Smokey was excitable too. He’s small and compact and solid, a result of being a street kitten so near perishing. While Shu had a good home, it sounds like he’s a smaller kitty.

    My next vet visit, I want to get both little guys chipped.

    Smokey is an alpha top cat, but neutering restored his disposition before it could become ingrained bad behavior. He teases Goober, sometimes too much, but he isn’t the type to truly bully Goober. If Goober would put his foot down firmly, I think Smokey would ease up.

    Love the photos of Shu helping you paint. “Oh, there is my wonderful person, I’m so glad. Look what neat stuff my person’s doing today. So curious, what she gets into. Never dull around here. Love my human!” I’m pretty sure we’re somewhere between pet and best buddy to our cats.

  • CJ

    The chip means that if ever a cat is picked up by somebody and brought to a vet (what in these days of chipping, anyone who picks up a stray cat should do)—a vet will readily check for a chip at request; the shelters now check for them when an animal is brought in—which brings the owner a phone call of come-get-me, and kitteh gets home by suppertime.

  • kokipy

    okay, I’m sold. chipping goes on my to do list.

  • chondrite

    “Shu helpin Mom _5” — the paw, the paw!!!!

    I finally figured out where the phrase ‘nuttier than a fruitcake’ in regards to kittyboys was jogging my memory from; it was a kid’s book series (naturally) about a kitten with a hyperactive imagination: Skippyjon Jones. I don’t think Mr. Shu has quite the same ears, however!

  • Cathy over on FB made the very true observation that it’s very important to keep the contact info up-t0-date. As she points out…chipping doesn’t do much good if the address is three moves ago! The good thing is, they also have email and cell phone associated with it now, both of which tend to travel with.

    Wheeee…just checked out Skippyjon Jones! Those are impressive ears, even for a Siamese kitteh-boy! The plushy looks more like a little bat! 😆 Very cute.

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