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Bad Shu!

These are pix from the before-Seishi days that I never got up. We have Shu with his big box, Shu with his plushie and Shu being very bad and getting up on the counter after the bikur. (I hate to admit…he gets up there all the time now to help when I’m washing dishes. It […]


Right four made it into the finale…hate to see the season end.

Marko*Melanie…doing DISCO! ARGH! What a waste. I’m not a fan of disco and in all honesty I’ve never seen this choreographer create a successful dance. She always creates gross and awkward lifts and heavy-footed steps. NO ONE can do them well and to […]

ShuShu savz da dey!

Big bocks commd tooday. Mama, er, ShuShu’s slave opind it an out commd bunchus ob fuzzi stuffs. Shu-slave startud stiggin da peesus toogeddr, bud Shu-slave got confoosd an Shu had 2 ficks id. ShuShu bord wiv punchin kees, so jus watch pigchurs, OK? Bi Bi

(Shu-slave note: Shu did put in captions. In some browsers, […]

Just a Eushu fix

Mr Shu after a hard day of bedeviling Seishi. I was sitting in my chair working when Carolyn came in, stopped, staring at the cat tree, and whispered: where’s the camera? (slideshow follows)


Auntie Jane gets quality Seishi time

I’m so far behind….I’m working on repainting the windows on the back of the house. This needed doing years before we moved in, and we’ve been here three years…or is it four? Anyway, it’s taking way longer than I expected (what home repair job doesn’t?) but the tracks are actually clean and the poor pealing […]

As the book industry teeters…

The folks who must be sweating it even more than the authors are the cover artists, because while the authors can self-pub on Amazon, few will be able to afford to hire a cover artist for an original work.

I’ve felt for some time now that I wasn’t happy with the covers I was doing […]