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Seishi in the house: Second Slideshow

Sorry. Haven’t been doing my job. Kinda out of it right now. Busy cleaning up loose ends and fixing things. This time, it was backup power units and the screen door lock. But that’s not very interesting. The news is Seishi.

Seishi is an absolute doll and settling into the household very nicely. We don’t have many pix of him yet. He’s not too fond of the camera…not having been flashed out 24/7 all his life the way Shu has been. But I got a few before I figured out he was beginning to flinch from the flash and as he’s settling in nicely now, I s/b able to get some more. He and Shu were being particularly silly this afternoon, I went after the camera…and it’s battery was dead. Not just in need of recharging. Dead. So…instead of taking pix, we headed out after a battery pack.

Shu is funny. He’s obsessed with Seishi. At first, he just followed him around, staring. Giving the occasional hiss, but mostly watching. His stalking actually helped get Seishi out into the house and when stalking turned into chasing, he really got the quickfire tour.

He’s enduring the Demon Cat wonderfully. They chase…a lot…and it’s not always Shu chasing Seishi. Seishi’s getting better and better about putting him in his place when he gets too rough. But it’s all play. I’ve put my hand right in the middle of it when Seishi’s complaints aren’t making Shu stop, and paws are quite soft on both sides. Seishi just sometimes has had enough and wants to stop and Shu stop button doesn’t work real well, yet.

Seishi really won Shu over when he got into my room and began playing with a catnip mouse. Shu is still indifferent to them, as he’s too young to smell the catnip, but he was quite excited to discover another cat that plays. The last couple of days, they’ve chased back and forth so hard, the DC was actually panting. Ysabel is quite relieved…she’s figured out Seishi is a buffer between her and the Shuster, so she’s happy.

And Seishi is joining us on the couch on his own now for cuddling and scritching, so the household really is settling into a healthy balance.

Anyway, here are some shots from the first couple of days:

8 comments to Seishi in the house: Second Slideshow

  • kokipy

    That all sounds wonderful! I dont think I’ve ever seen a sweeter faced cat than Seishi. And the curl in Eushu’s tail is delightful 😀

  • chondrite

    When Seishi is scrunched up on The Lap, I can practically feel the purring from here! He apparently is one of the percentage who likes tummy rubs.

  • Heheheh. Shu has a serious case of hero worship / fascination with the cool new guy / older foster brother.

    Seishi is taking it easy. — And clearly has decided Carolyn’s pretty neat.

    Eushu still has that younger teenage kitty look about him. Seishi’s more the late teenage / early adult look, and as a Scottish Fold, he looks more filled out than he is, but even thin, he’s got more bulk than Eushu is likely to get when full grown.

    I’m expecting Eushu will stay fairly slim until around middle age. He looks like he’ll grow into a slim to medium-build adult, probably a bit bigger and longer than my Smokey, who’s on the small side due to being a street kitten in his first few weeks until rescued. Small, compact, and lots of energy and bravado, though.

    Seishi looks calm and happy, even though in these, he’s just getting used to the new household and denizens.

    Should be interesting to see how he and Ysabel interact as they get used to one another.

  • Shu wasn’t really rescued. He actually had wonderful care from his Native American family. Not only did they have the babies on excellent milk replacement for weaning, the kitties, mamas and two litters, were in beautiful condition. Yes, he had worms—they were outdoor kittehs—but there wasn’t a flea or spec of ear wax let alone mites on him. He’s growing like a weed. With luck, they’ll end up pretty well matched. Both the Bengal and the SF males average in the low to mid-teens, so if they keep each other in shape, I imagine that’s about where they’ll max out.

    The good news is, until they mature, Seishi will still have a head start on DK (which you can read as either Demon Kitten or Darling Kitten…both of which apply! :biggrin: ) Since DK is definitely the aggressor, this is a Good Thing! Personality wise, I think it will be wonderful if they rub off on each other. Shu is already less inclined to wrestle and Seishi is rapidly improving on demanding his due.

  • Oops, sorry, I meant that Smokey was rescued, and that in a sense, Seishi comes from a crowded ( and thereby less advantageous) environment. I wasn’t trying to imply Eushu had been disadvantaged. In fact, he probably got a very good balance from a loving family. Being an outside cat, well, not at all surprising he’d picked internal and unwelcome passengers. One of my past cats once got them, even though he shouldn’t have been exposed, just from getting outside and finding whatever he did. Possible to get fleas or mites, even worms, in even the most careful and loving homes. Heck, all it takes is a neighbor or passing critters who have, er, hitchhiking micro-critters.

    It sounds like the cattery where y’all got Seishi was good, just a bit crowded for a laid back, cool cat like Seishi.

  • OrionSlaveGirl


  • Hanneke

    So glad Seishi is settling in fine, and Ysabel is feeling so much better.
    Seishi looks beautiful, and also very calm. He looks and sounds like an unflappable sort of character, very restful for the old lady as a buffer between herself and the young rowdy; but still young enough to enjoy all the horseplay. Maybe he’s had a lot of experience playing with rowdy kittens in the cattery, until he became too old to be allowed with the moms & kittens; and maybe he’s missed that when he started to be kept seperate as a grown-up tom, before he was neutered?
    And to see him coming out of his shell, finding his own human and loving the attention and petting that’s just for him, and the freedom to move around, explore the house, and play-play-PLAY with his young follower, meanwhile creating a better equilibrium all around him – is very worthwhile.

    I’m hoping Eushu will not outgrow him too soon – I think it’s very salutary for the kid to be put in his place when necessary, and as Eushu is so much more aggressively active, if he started to outweigh Seishi before he’s settled down a bit and learned to pay attention to the personal limits of his companions and the rules of the house, it might become difficult for Seishi to teach him to respect those limits & rules. Luckily CJ said Scottish Fold cats are generally a rather sturdy breed, with really plush fur that protects him from play-bites and claws. Is Eushu a sort that grows very big? He looks a bit Burmese to me (I don’t know much about cat breeds), and I think those are generally a bit more slender? That could help Seishi keep his superiority long enough to settle the youngster down.

    On another note: are your own follow-up results OK? Your blog sounds as if you’re feeling good, and over the fatigue from the blood trouble. Wishing you good health!

    • Thanks for asking. Just got back. The hematologist was very happy. All numbers in the normal range…except for the average size of the RBCs. The average size is large, but that’s to be expected as they’re young! She said she’d be worried if that number wasn’t high. I’m still on iron replacement for a couple of months, but it looks like all systems are functioning properly!

      I doubt Shu will really outgrow Seishi. Seishi’s a bit thin right now but he’ll put on weight fast the way he’s eating and he’s a lot bigger than Shu. I’ll try to get some comparative pics up soon. It’s a bit hard to get them in the same pic as generally they’re moving at warp speed when they’re together.

      If Shu is truly part Bengal, he’ll probably get to about 15lbs and Seishi s/b the same. Shu’s mama was a very healthy tabby but on the smallish side. The main thing is Seishi will always be a year older and that makes a difference for the first couple of years.

      I think they’re going to be wonderful brothers for many years to come.

      Shu is mellowing fast. He’s finally getting the kind of exercise he needs.

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