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Shu’s second Pullman roadtrip: part one

I took so many pix on this trip…and these are just the best ones….and only for the first half of the trip. Although tomorrow I’ll post some of the scenic ones as well. But these turned into a cute little narrative, not too far off. Shu started out in my lap then disappeared into the back. I looked back and he was with Ysabel outside the cave. They were quiet, so I didn’t think much of it. Then, I looked back and…no Shu! Ysabel was in her cage, but I couldn’t see littlebit anywhere…didn’t hear him in the back, either. Then, I wiggled around and finally got a glimpse of gold eyes way back in the cage. Little Mr Shu has been wanting an Ysabel cuddle for weeks…and he finally got it. I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble traveling with the two of them!

11 comments to Shu’s second Pullman roadtrip: part one

  • chondrite

    So… is Teh Shu going to start accumulating flight rings in his ear? :tongue: I notice Herself disdains such things.

  • Steve Stein

    Good travellers! Entertainment for the trip, too.

    Oh, just found this video of ultra-kitten-cuteness: kitten stalks apples:

  • TabbyCat

    :wub: Your little khat is adorable — and how he has grown! And Ysabel is very kind to show a motherly interest; she looks, in fact, happy about it!

    • Wheee…not at the moment! Shu caused us one moment’s scare when he made a flying leap for the open window at Cougar Country Drive In. We thought, maybe, we should get a harness and leash just for in the car…he’s SO fast, I barely caught his hind legs. So I picked one up today and put it on him, and he was fairly cool about it…until I began messing with it to take it off. Then, he went just a bit ballistic. I got it off him and thought I’d calmed him down, but he took off after Ysabel with a vengeance. I got him and tried again to calm him down, to just rub the harness on him a bit, give him a few smoochies, and he’s still mad as spit. Finally put him in his room with the door shut. He’s in there howling a protest even as I type…

      Ah, he’s quiet now. I’ll go let him out and see if he’s civilized. Ah, the joys of teenagers!

      But, yes, Ysabel was FABULOUS on the trip.

  • WOL

    Can’t believe how much Shu looks like my Jaks in the face. Same color eyes and same shaped head — Except my Jaks is completely black except for the very tip of his tail, which is white. Cats would make the perfect space ship pets — they’re so agile and adaptable. Glad you had a fun trip.

  • CJ

    Eushu in zero G would be—an unguided missile. 😉 Cats in space!

  • mitha

    Awww! Too cute! Ysabel does look pleased. Glad they are (mostly) getting along better now. When traveling with our two, we worry the most about opening the window at toll stations – not much time to check and see where everyone is.

  • smartcat

    Oh for the cute!

    Looks like he’s a coiled spring kitteh, as opposed to the limp boneless kind.

  • Eushu looks so much like Smokey, but a bit longer and leaner and younger. I think Shu’s going to be a big cat when he’s got his full growth.

    My two seem to have finally decided collars are tolerable, and possibly stylish.

    Photo 9 of Ysabel and Eushu, Ysabel looks very like Pyanfar there, proud, fierce if messed with, canny, protective.

    Eushu is clearly up for swashbuckling adventure and filled with excitement and curiosity for life. Excellent little cat.

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