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I’ve been remiss…

With the pictures and find myself with an embarrassment of riches.

We took another chiropractic trip down to Pullman today taking both the kids. It was their first longish road trip together and I’m delighted to report, they were model children. In fact, they were incredibly cute…both of them. I’ve been trying to get pix of them together ever since Shu joined us and it’s been really hard. Not today. Shu has wanted to cuddle with Ysabel, and she’s been completely indifferent. Today, he got lots of furry snuggles.

Then, we came home as I was settling in to process pix and post, I went out to the kitchen for a drink, looked out the window, and saw a nice rainbow. I told Carolyn and went out to watch it a while, taking the little canon. Got out and found it was a double and while we watched, more bands appeared on the inside of the main rainbow…and the arch completed. It was one of the most spectacular rainbows either of us had ever seen. The camera really couldn’t do it justice, but we tried. The best was the little video Carolyn took while I ran in to get my more adjustable camera, but you still don’t see those extra bands on the inside of the main rainbow. By the time I got out with the Minolta, it was too faded to get much. But…here’s the video.

Tomorrow I’ll start the slideshow of the Pullman trip but for now, it’s bedtime.


Oh, and here’s a (professional) pic I found online from a previous Spokane rainbow (in May) that looked very like ours.

6 comments to I’ve been remiss…

  • ready4more

    One of the really great advantages of living in the desert SW is that rainbows, even supernumery (double) rainbows, appear with a lot of color and fairly often during our summer “monsoon” season. I’ve even seen the beginnings of a third bow. The lower the sun is to the horizon the higher the arch appears in the sky opposite the sun (physics/optics). The best rainbow weather is where rain is falling from high scattered clouds to the east while the sun is about to set in the west. Beautiful and evocative. Take care and enjoy life’s little miracles.

    • I can believe it! We got some beauties in OKC and have seen some doozies as we traveled. This one…the camera just couldn’t do it justice. The entire sky was soft pinks and golds and this multibanded rainbow wove in and out of the clouds until the whole thing was visible. It was a first for us.

  • TabbyCat

    Ooooooooooh! Gorgeous!

  • WOL

    I wish we had some rainbows here, as that would mean it is raining! Can’t believe our year to date total is a little over 1 inch. We usually average about 16 inches of rain a year, so that tells you how dreadfully dry it’s been here in the TX panhandle. I’m planning on getting a Canon SLR camera soon. I’ve got it all picked out. The camera I have now is a little HP “Go stand by your sister and let granny take your picture” camera. I get so frustrated — it doesn’t do closeups, or landscapes, no zoom. It’s like trying to do gymnastics in a straight jacket.

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