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Seishi’s first official visitor!

OSG dropped in this afternoon and Seishi waltzed right out…okay, he checked her out from behind the fishtank first, but then he came and said hello like the little gent he is! We’re really very pleased. Both Ysabel and Efanor were chancy around visitors—Ysabel had a tendency to bite when pressed and Efanor just disappeared. […]

Seishi in the house: Second Slideshow

Sorry. Haven’t been doing my job. Kinda out of it right now. Busy cleaning up loose ends and fixing things. This time, it was backup power units and the screen door lock. But that’s not very interesting. The news is Seishi.

Seishi is an absolute doll and settling into the household very nicely. We don’t […]

Seishi joins the household

Well, we did it. We took off for Montana and got ShuShu a toy. And he’s gorgeous. He’s also very quiet and shy right now. He’s a little over a year old and never been “off the farm.” But he spoke to Carolyn across the internet and I seriously think he was meant to come […]

New Seattle Treasure Found

Decades in the making, but finally coming to fruition: The Seattle Chinese Garden is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the city.

Visited bro Chip in Seattle this last weekend to cheer the M’s on to another loss (we love you guys anyway!) and looking for something to do on Saturday. Carolyn looked up […]

Another Week of SYTYCD

Sasha and Alexander…I loved the first routine…not sure I was thrilled with their execution. Their shapes were glorious, but it kinda missed the sharp snap I want in the Paso. Their second was one of the best Tyce numbers ever. Alexander, who is as pretty as can be, has a little problem: he has a […]

Shu’s second Pullman roadtrip: part one

I took so many pix on this trip…and these are just the best ones….and only for the first half of the trip. Although tomorrow I’ll post some of the scenic ones as well. But these turned into a cute little narrative,


I’ve been remiss…

With the pictures and find myself with an embarrassment of riches.

We took another chiropractic trip down to Pullman today taking both the kids. It was their first longish road trip together and I’m delighted to report, they were model children. In fact, they were incredibly cute…both of them. I’ve been trying to get pix […]

SYTYCD…I’m puzzled

First off, this is an AMAZING season of So You Think You Can Dance. Hands down the best final 20 they’ve ever had. I hate to see any of them go. That being said…


Am I crazy….

Or did all USB cables once have identical ends? And since they all used to be that way, I should have a dozen around the house now, the way I still have serial and parallel cords all neatly coiled and packed away in the basement, right?