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Gee, I thought it would look more different…

Cleaned up the leg of the yard behind the garage today, lots of moving weedcloth to get at weeds (because there wasn’t any mulch on the cloth, putting up the little retaining wall for our (eventual) headwater for our (eventual) stream, and just general weeding and picking up and throwing out the accumulated Stuff. I also moved the rest of the big rock pile from the front to this area as it will be the edges of the (eventual) stream. I was at it pretty much all day, but it doesn’t look that much different in the photos. Ah, well. Trust me, big diff!

I needed to get the rock moved because we found the coolest thing yesterday at the same concrete palace where we got our front fountain. It’s actually the base for a statue, but somebody bought just the statue and the base has probably been sitting there forever. It’s pretty bunged up…which means (a) it’s perfect for the “bridge” at the end of our front streambed…where the “stream” disappears “under” the neighbor’s lawn and (b) we got it for a song.  Only one problem…it’s heavy. So…the theory is, we’ll back the Forester up to the retaining wall and roll it straight off. Depending on how close we can get to the wall, we might slide it across on a couple of 2x4s. But to do that, I had to move the rest of the rock. Got it all but a single load, which I can do tomorrow before we attempt the Great Unload.

While I was moving rock, Carolyn was busily cleaning up the pond area for our lunch guests.  OSG and Coach Joan came over for one of Carolyn’s most excellent lunches of fresh bread and parmesan-chicken Caesar salad. Yummy!

Suffice to say, we’re both exhausted.










The "bridge" in the car

It will replace the path at the "head" of the stream.

9 comments to Gee, I thought it would look more different…

  • CJ

    Trust me—it looks different. Majorly different, as in—like a garden, not like a repository for spare bits, which is what it had been.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I had a delightful time today, as we all did! Thank you!

  • smartcat

    I see a BIG difference in the before and after. I think doing a project can blind you to the results.

    I see what you mean about the neighbor’s ‘landscaping’. I would probably go for a hedge which would give more privacy. Do you own the fence? Would it be possible to attach various boxes and grow plants that would camoflage the area. Or how about some fast growing vines? I have no knowledge of what grows well in your area but there must be something that would hide the weed patch and give you some privacy without offending your neighbor.

    We are using a pump/filter that I jury rigged with a sump pump, venturi pump, and pillow stuffing. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be putting in the real pump and filter. Meanwhile, I have battery powered fish that I put in and of course we have the froggie bordello! :devil:

    As soon as I know that we will have a stretch of good weather it will be dumpster time. And still I ask where does this stuff come from?

    • Battery powered fish? Love it! 😀

      Our neighbor has notions, just not a lot of, I dunno, motivation, maybe? He’s had physical problems, so I can’t blame him for not doing that, but I do wish he’d weedwhack the edges. You can’t see, but the lawn itself is mowed.

      We’ve got a basement full of stuff I should just throw out. Problem is, it’s stuff like comics and books and fabric which it seems like we s/b able to sell…at least part of. But that takes organization. Not to mention the tons of photos, both ours and our family photos, that need to be scanned before getting dumped. I’m hoping that I’m going to start having more energy at night to do things like that. The whole Closed Circle thing put a lot of that sort of thing on the backburner, but I’d love to have a basement in which I could sew or paint and not just a storage room.


  • mitha

    Our second house was way too small – or not suitably arranged, or both – for the amount and kinds of stuff we have. I remember that I once told my father that I wished that gnomes might come in the middle of the night and haul off half of it. He replied, “The trouble is, they’d take the wrong half!”

  • Pence

    Perhaps that church across the street will be having a fundraising yard sale sometime this summer? That way some of the discards would at least go to a good cause. It always feels like a major sin to throw stuff out (clean your plate: remember the starving Armenians) … but I almost never get to the reuse moment…

    • We gave them several hundred dollars worth of stuff for their last one…three very good futon beds among other things…but the books and comics…there’s got to be a way to get at least something for them. But that’s low on the totem pole. Gotta get the family photos scanned first….which I’d be doing tonight, if the expletive deleted drive had worked as advertised…

  • CJ

    We’ve sent some iris over; and gave them some things—they did have a garage sale.

  • kokipy

    I know you have many more important things to do, but I sure would enjoy pictures of the new bridge in place 😀
    I have found Paperbackswap.com a lifesaver as to getting rid of old unwanted books. Just a thought.

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