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Catching up

Busy couple of days. Making progress on the front. Have established the end of the streambed and moved a lot more rock. “Set” the bridge in front and began the third island on the west side of the walkway. Still way short on border rock but trying to use what I’ve got in a way that will establish the low side of the islands. Also got some more planking done…til I ran out of size 6 screws.  We’re thinking that someday the top of the right concrete garden bench would make a nice “bridge” for the end of the streambed. We need something that won’t “creep” over time. But for now, I’ve just put some of the concrete stepping stones that I took out of the front red lava rock “sidewalk.” They’ll hold for a while. The problem is, we want the “streambed” to be lower than the path at that point, and over time, the dirt will creep. We’d also like the illusion of a bridge. At the same time, it has to maintain the edge the neighbor’s lawn…and provide an easy way to transport the city’s green “garden scrap” bucket between the back yard and the road. (My life w/b so much easier if practical didn’t enter into the picture!

anyway, also included are some pix from the first day of planking. The crossbar on the bridge is because, while the ends of the bridge were the exact same width apart, I noticed a slight inward tilt once I began planking. We had this slightly narrower 2/4 so we put a couple of nails in either end to hold it and slipped it in to keep the side boards from bowing in. Once I get to the top, I’ll actually screw it into place.

Anyway…I got more planks in yesterday and am headed out now to finish….I hope!

7 comments to Catching up

  • I have this strong urge to tease and ask who gets to play the xylophone on the big bridge. :p :angel: That, or wonder about racing Hot Wheels up and down the bridge arch….


    “Because it was there….”

    Yes, I’ll go stand in the corner for ten minutes. :laugh:

    • Do you honestly think we aren’t going to do something similar? 😆 We’ve got wind up knights AND spaceships…that will probably end up going for a swim…with the devil duckies we have for racing in the pond. :devil:

  • Haahaha, that’s good. Hmm, I wonder where I put that dragon statue?

    Knights and spaceships? Sounds like a sequel to Cowboys and Aliens, which looks like it could be fun.

  • Pence

    Your garden helpers from the church must be thrilled to see the front bridge.

    • James, the pastor, stopped by yesterday just to say hi and see how I was doing. They continue to watch the progress and at least some want to come back and do more. I think it’s a rare chance to work on something different. :biggrin:

      They’re really sweet folk.

      Found out something interesting from James when he was here yesterday. They’re United Free Methodist. I asked him about the “free” and evidently back in the late 1800s a faction within the Methodists took a strong stance on two issues: the practice of charging for seats (the seats nearest the minister being the most expensive) and slavery. The extant church evidently remained on the fence…likely in certain areas those front row seats were slave owners…anyway, it caused a split in the church and gave rise to the Free Methodists.

  • When you are using power tools, it is important to wear proper personal protective equipment. Of course, a cordless drill probably doesn’t pose that big a threat to bare feet….especially if you’re using it as a screwdriver.

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