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Sometimes God’s ways…

…are not the least bit mysterious.

The crew from the First Methodist Church across the way showed up this AM at 10:30 and in the next couple of hours got all my work for the next several months DONE and done beautifully. I cannot say enough about their generosity, their cheerfulness…and their darling kids. Yes, we had a bunch, and they hauled rock and shoveled mini basalt chips right along with everyone else. (Slideshow follows)

The guys who did my edge were wonderful. That’s been a major concern and think I’d’ve been at least a week on that project alone, and it wouldn’t be as well done. After much discussion, we aimed the retaining wall stones at our neighbor. He was insistent that we couldn’t put the first course of his retaining wall down, so this is all on our property and aimed outward. If he ever gets around to his retaining wall, we’ll move those stones elsewhere, but honestly, I doubt he will.

Elsewhere, one crew took on our red lava rock walkway along the roadside. They got as far as we had lava rock to cover, then moved on to the pathways in the back. That’s where the other magic happened, as you’ll see from the pix. The weeds, of course, sprang up right about the time I was forbidden to work. (i.e. when the sun began to shine.) These lovely folks weeded, laid weedcloth and spread our lovely minus basalt chips on the path. This is a beautiful groundcover that should resist weeds and is still very pleasant underfoot. It’s the same pretty, soft brownish grey of my edgerock. I think it’s gonna be gorgeous once all the pathways are in.

Meantime, a lively group of teenagers were busily moving all the big rocks. Mostly up to the dry stream, but also they took a bunch around to the back where I want them for the waterfall. Eventually, we’ll work a lot of them into a real stream back in the el behind the garage, but for now, most of them are up off the walkway.

Again, we’re sooooooo thankful to them, not just for their hard  and excellent work, but the cheerful kindness they all exuded.

20 comments to Sometimes God’s ways…

  • 82Eridani

    Wow. Just wow. Wonderful people!

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Jane, that is STAGGERING! I hardly recognize the place. Beautiful! AMAZING!

  • That’s a whole lot of people and a whole lot of work.

    They look like nice folks too. Adults, teens, kids, all pitching in.

    Very, very impressive! — And very, very kind of them to help out their neighbors.

    You two didn’t happen to mention you’re published authors, did you? ;D

    Heh, bring on a casserole or two, and you may have some happy new friends, and vice versa.

  • arkessian

    What lovely people, and a lovely garden.

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Your Christian neighbors at First Free Methodist :angel:


  • smartcat

    Good people doing good work. Glad to see that you limited yourself to being the recorder on site. There’s something about seeing a completed project that brings peace of mind. Hopefully, getting rid of some of that ‘to do’ list will speed your recovery many fold.

    Toes crossed that all the tests turn out well and reveal the problem. :wub:

  • (goggles) Not a little bit of work these people did!
    I’m just amazed! Lovely job! Wonderful, truly amazing folks!

  • Gee, are there any more heavy rocks for Bret to move around? No? Good, then he can take a break. The whole place looks really great, and I’d like to see it up close. I suppose next ShejiCon, if we hold it in Spokane.

    I hope you’re feeling better, but don’t start doing stuff just because you do feel better, give yourself time to heal and recover.

  • :wub: This is just so great. You and CJ are such generous people yourselves–its a wonderful thing that a random act of good will come your way in return. It’s beautiful. Hurray!!!

  • HRHSpence

    beautiful project.

  • xheralt

    As a member of the mainline United Methodist Church, I can definitely see how this matches Methodist values and style. Yay!

    • I grew up (and am still a member) of the United First Methodist in Renton (altho I see they’re now calling it First United…). Don’t know how all these different “versions” actually differ, but I do know this is a crew I’d love to associate with. I’m going to try and find out when they’re going to do this for someone else and see if I can’t tag along. I’d love to pay forward, if you know what I mean.

      • Xheralt

        My home congregation: Kenwood UMC. I’ve looked up histories online, regarding schisms and reconciliations with the denomination, but don’t pretend to understand it all.

        • It’s funny how people get hung up on the details, esp where it comes to religious associations. I mean, I can understand how people might get a little ticked at accepting the king over the pope, but so many of the denominational differences do nothing except water down available resources, by splitting them into smaller groups. If the fundamental idea is to be good people and make the world a better place and help those less fortunate…the larger the pool of available people is, the more efficient the organization is going to be.

          (Going to check out your Kenwood UMC link…

  • mitha

    Wow! Beautiful! And now you get to enjoy your garden instead of worrying about it. What a wonderful gift!

    • The great thing is, things I was just going to turn a blind eye to for another year or so, I can now handle…like the little secondary waterfall/stream in the back yard that right now is just a messy little pit. But first…the bridge! I’ve got all the planks painted now and they’re “curing” in the sun. Will drill pilot holes this afternoon and maybe plank tomorrow. Then…it’s done! YAYAYAY

  • TabbyCat

    Real Christians; it’s beautiful. And actually, they look as if they’re enjoying their gardening work ! And they did an incredible job.

  • WOL

    If you’re ever short of cash, you could put up a sign and charge admission to your back yard!

    See the beautiful Fancherry Garden!

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