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Gee, I thought it would look more different…

Cleaned up the leg of the yard behind the garage today, lots of moving weedcloth to get at weeds (because there wasn’t any mulch on the cloth, putting up the little retaining wall for our (eventual) headwater for our (eventual) stream, and just general weeding and picking up and throwing out the accumulated Stuff. I […]

Big Bridge Done!

Well, give or take the screwholes and some touchup painting. But that doesn’t count! it’s done. We can walk across it! I wouldn’t advise a gorilla dancing on it, but to get to the other side and to be beauteous, it should work quite admirably! (Slideshow follows)


Catching up

Busy couple of days. Making progress on the front. Have established the end of the streambed and moved a lot more rock. “Set” the bridge in front and began the third island on the west side of the walkway. Still way short on border rock but trying to use what I’ve got in a way […]

Adventures in planking

We really thought we were going to get the planking done today, but ran into some odd problems.

We checked all the planks for “crowns” before we chose the “up” side to put the countersink holes on, but when we started to attach them, several were drooping down instead of arching up! We began looking […]

The front bridge.

I’ve written a review of it here which explains in the roundabout fashion some of the adventures we had putting it together. What I fail to mention is that the 4star rating is for joe public. As far as I’m concerned, the challenges of putting it together would make it a six star!

Well, gee….they […]

Blood tests aaaaarrrrre…

Lookin’ good!

My RBCs are recovering on their own, (I’m still anemic, but hey…takes a while to manufacture those little cells…I need some of Peter’s green goo) my B12 (bless my little under-the-tongue pills) has gone from 385 to something well over 1000. (I still haven’t gotten a chance to actually look at the printout.) […]

I vacuumed the livingroom today…

Now, this might not seem like such a Big Deal, but when you consider I haven’t vacuumed since ES came into the house, it kinda was. Before the neat freaks get all grossed out, there was a Good Reason for the delay.

I don’t like scaring my pets. In fact, I go to a lot […]

When did ES turn into a khat?

In just the last two days, suddenly his pictures are looking like an adult. Sigh. I remember Elrond did the same thing…just suddenly went from being Itty-Bitty to being Elrond…tho I think he was a bit older. Efanor was past this stage when we brought him home.

He’s also starting to strop ankles and in […]

Art and talent comes in all forms

Middle Eastern Dominos

Never seen anything quite like this. Don’t think you know how it will end. Hold your breath and watch it all the way through. You won’t be disappointed.

ES’s First Road Trip

Told you I was behind. These are from his first road trip. He was unusually subdued, cuz he had a sore shoulder. (Slideshow follows)