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Spring Flowers

This on again off again spring has been hard on some of the plants. The dogwood and the weeping cherry didn’t do much of anything, but the magnolia, hawthorne and  tree peonies have come through nicely. And our front yard is starting to take shape. Some pix for your amusement:

5 comments to Spring Flowers

  • WOL

    Dang, girl! You’ve got some serious landscaping going on.

  • smartcat

    You have some seriously beautiful plants there, Jane! How do you keep your tulips from being eaten by moles, voles etc.? I have just about given up on them in the yard and stick with daffodils. I do force tulips inside in the winter which is nice for color.

    The kittehs seems to have regressed to extreme kittenhood and are racing through the house. Ah *spring*!

    Toes crossed that all goes well with test results and all. :wub:

  • kokipy

    Lovely pictures. and good luck today.

  • Thanks everyone! We’ll let you know what we find out.

    Smartcat: I don’t do anything. I guess we just don’t have the problem. We are in the middle of town. Maybe they just haven’t found us yet (don’t anybody tell them, OK?) I know there are a lot of the magnolia, but it was just such a rich photo-op. Not sure I’ll ever have quite that angle on it again!

  • kokipy

    The irises that you all sent me last fall are magnificent. BTW.

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