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Mornings are tough…

They were the designated cuddle time for Efanor and me. This morning was really bad. Two weeks ago was the last “normal” cuddle before I took him to the vet and got the news. I…kinda lost it. Little Mr Eushu was so sweet. He came over and purred and soft-paw patted my face…then, when he figured I’d wallowed enough, he bit me!  😆

Then the day turned lovely and I could finally get out and get some stuff done. Everything is way behind thanks to the weather and the events of the last couple of weeks. So…we went after compost and manure…and came back with a beautiful Crimson Queen Japanese Maple. Home Depot had a killer deal on it. Crimson Queen is one of the medium height, lace leafs with gloriously rich color.  It’s so pretty when the sun hits it. It was a real trick getting it into the car, and an even bigger trick getting it out by ourselves, but we managed, and it’s now just behind the front yard water feature, where afternoon and evening light will really set it off. I’ll try and get a pic tomorrow.

7 comments to Mornings are tough…

  • CJ

    a 2-foot bucket with a sandy rootball and they’d just watered it. It was like lifting a 2×2 rock with a delicate 4′ plant growing out of it. We got it home in a Subaru Forester without breaking a branch. Lost a few leaves, but all branches intact.

  • WarriorofWorry

    I was thinking about the grieving process yesterday after CJ’s post. To me, having sorrow/loss well up like that is a lot like briskly walking around a blind corner only to smack into a huge rock. Sometimes there’s a warning sign – a holiday, birthday or just a song. Either way that collision can wipe me out, as it were. So (hugs) for you both when you encounter that rock.
    In the meantime, enjoy your little guy (I sure am having fun hearing about his exploits!) and the Japanese Maple sounds exquisite.

    • Some people expressed doubts about the quick acquisition of Eushu, but this is a prime example of how he keeps us from dwelling. And he’s new with a set of real needs that give us something we must think about…all the time. Considering where he can get himself, we always need to be on our toes!

      Besides, for me a cat truly is part of my….living soul, I suppose. I need that familiar in order to be complete. He reminds me daily of his three predecessors in the inevitable comparing and contrasting while moving me into the future with his unique qualities.

      For us, he’s a definite positive influence!

      I’ve got to edit some of the movies I’ve made of him. Too Cute!

  • I purchased a Japanese maple a couple of years ago after Ruthie passed away. She’s buried on the southeast corner of my house, and has the Japanese maple as a marker. I was afraid that it didn’t survive the extreme weather we’ve had this winter in Ohio, but new leaves have sprouted on every branch. Whenever I mow the lawn, look out the kitchen window, or go out into the sun room, she’s close by. As I look at Sydney getting older (not yet 3), she’s starting to look more and more like Ruthie, although I think Ruthie had some Persian in her, maybe not….One of my fondest memories of Ruthie was when she was on the bed, and “permitted” me to lie down to work some crossword puzzles. After a few minutes, she came over and started purring and nudging me, so I put down the pen and started to pet her. That went on for a few minutes and then she moved back over to the other side of the bed. I went back to the puzzles, and about 5 minutes later, was treated to a “thwack” on the back. When I looked for the source, there’s Ruthie, sitting beside me with a look that seemed to say, “I did not give you permission to stop petting me. Just because I move, that doesn’t mean you stay put. You’re supposed to follow me and keep petting me until I have had enough.” I couldn’t help but laugh about it, she was originally such a ‘fraidy cat, but later on, became much more affectionate. Sigh. Well Sydney was adopted a month after Ruties passed away, she was found as a 4 month old kitten, put up for adoption, and I adopted her on her 1st birthday. Now, she’s all mine. LOL. :cheerful:

    • We got some good info on wintering the JM. They tend to dehydrate, so after the first freeze spray them well with wilt proof to keep them from drying out. This was a really bad winter for that and the two by the pond came through beautifully…others in the area are suffering badly.

      Efanor was standoffish at first as well. Became the most amazing cuddle-cat I’ve ever owned. Whoops…CJ’s gone outside to work. Better get my tail in gear.

  • kokipy

    I think you did the right thing in your timing. You will never stop missing Efanor, or indeed the others. Eushu isn’t supposed to stop you missing Efanor or even to stop you grieving for him, nor could he, after all.

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