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The Name

Eushu. No great mystery.

As some of you know, I’ve written a bit of fanfiction for a wonderful anime/manga called Gravitation. It helped keep me sane while waiting for word from DAW on which book to edit first. There were several months when I just didn’t know which complex story line I’d have to boot up at a moment’s notice.

The two lead characters in Gravitation are Yuki and Shuuichi. I gave them a cat based on my collective kittyboys and Shuuichi named the kitty Yushu. I really love the kitty and since I’ve had three kitties with story-associated names, it was totally appropriate. Besides, when I thought “Yushu” in conjunction with upcoming kitten, it “felt” right.

But all my kittyboyz are E-kitties. So…I just Greekized the Yu into Eu. As I say…no great mystery.

Gravi is one of those gems overlooked by “serious” anime fans because (I believe) they can’t get past the fact that it’s pretty much the first popular manga to be based on a gay relationship,, and because on the surface there’s nothing visually exceptional about it. For me, and not to justify anything…it’s a great story, a bit of serious character examination in the guise of a delightful romp and a wonderful cast of characters… What attracted me in the first place is that it’s the story of a relationship between a writer and a performance artist, about as different creative personality types as you can imagine. In its wacky way, it’s one of the most interesting examinations of the creative personality I’ve ever run across.

Anyway, my fanfic comes in about three flavors: one is simple sweet fluff of a time when these two finally get their act together, one is “filling in the blanks” of the story, and the final is a serious hejx54f98v (thank you, Eushu) examination of this whole idea of creative mindsets and troubled personalities. Yushu, the story that introduces the kitten, falls into that category.

anyway…that’s where it comes from. It’s “mystical association” is nothing more or less than a reflection of a very pleasant escape in a time of creative turmoil.

1 comment to The Name

  • Very nice to know the name’s origin! “eu-shu” (good shoe / foot warmer) and “you’s who” both came to mind, or some word / lang I wasn’t familiar with.

    I’ll check Gravitation. Sounds like it could be neat. Thanks for the tip.

    Eushu is exceedingly cute, clearly extra happy with his new home and family. Those pics remind me strongly of when Smokey first arrived, A tiny, scared, cold, hungry bit of life. Smokey is now a year and about five months old, and convinced he has the best(est) of all. — The dab of white on his chest is a bit smaller than Eushu’s. Don’t know if it’s natural or evidence of a mishap before I got him.

    I wonder if Eushu is trying out his programming skills. All he needs is the right esper interface, and those cans of tuna will come rollong in. Cans as in cargo canisters….

    Wishing you and Eushu and Ysabel and Carolyn much joy.

    (I keep wanting to say Ysabel the French medieval way.)

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