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Day Two of Cuteness

Prepare yourself. And today, we go meet Dr Taylor. Oooooo….Road Trip!

Update: He was a very good boy! The vet was very impressed at how healthy and spotlessly clean he was (kudos to his first human mama and papa!) She wasn’t at all worried about waiting to test him until he’s a little older (and it’s not his first visit.) She said as long as he and Ysabel aren’t tussling, chances of anything passing between them is virtually nil.  And he’s a whole 1.2lb!

12 comments to Day Two of Cuteness

  • mmberry

    (Insert Foghorn Legorn/Chill Wills accent) Treading in dangerous waters there son! I say dangerous! Keep flirting like that and Ms. Ysabel will give you a lesson in owners!

  • Brave. Handsome. Wonderful. Heart stealer. I could keep tossing adjectives out all day.

    He’s a living doll. And you are a very lucky person to be his human.


  • What a sweet little guy. As I said on the other blog, he looks like Edmond at that age:


    You can see the bit of silver/white on his chest, too in that pic (which is younger than your guy).

    I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  • kokipy

    He’s a door bell, all right!!! I love the bearskin rug pictures (not that they aren’t all delectable. What is it about kittens? is there anything better in the world?).
    I remember when Koki and Py were babies – we used to weigh them every day or so on the kitchen scales. When they topped 1 lb we stopped because we couldn’t get them in the bucket any more. Those were the days. Koki eventually topped 22 lbs. His sister Py never gets much more than 12 lbs. I thnk he had a lot of Maine Coon. OSG has never met Koki on her visits East.He went to live in Tacoma with my sister in law in 2002, due to unreliable biting habits which made him inadvisable around small children. (He put the spouse in the emergency room one weekend. We forgave him but didn’t want to take the chance with our human babies).
    But enough about my cats. Your kitty is pure joy.

    • Oh, I love kitty stories! Ysabel put Carolyn in the ER once, too. She wouldn’t have been viable around small people.

      Maine Coons are gorgeous! Lynn had one (Madam) when she lived with us and has another down in Florida (Feather) Beautiful wonderful kittehs.

  • and that little medal he wears….he is awfully cute, but I have this thing about female cats. Not sexist, just that I think they’re easier to cope with around the house.

  • It’s a hard call. Known nice kittehs on both sides of the gender equation, but for me, I’ve generally found that for a one on one relationship, the little boys, trimmed in a timely fashion, are just what I need. And as with the “black” thing…it trims the decision making down by another 50%! 😆 😆 😆

    • Ruthie was all black, Sydney is all black with just a few white hairs scattered here and there. The effect of looking into a darkened room and seeing two green dots of light reflecting back at you can be somewhat unnerving, until you get used to it. 😆

  • kokipy

    I’ve had two females and three males over the last 35 years, and from that population I can agree with what my mother said about her human children – I have loved the girls, but the boys love me (and my girls and spouse). The boys have always been much more affectionate, much more outgoing and curious throughout their lives. Some have been very very smart and some only adorable, but to a man the boys have been lots more fun. My only issue is that it can be so hard to tell the gender when they are little, at least for me (and this last time for the vet, who thought Koko and Misty were both girls – wrong!). I’d always rather get a boy now but can’t be sure I will, apparently. But thank goodness, I guess, I think we are set for a few decades now.

    • That’s been pretty much my experience as well, and why I prefer the boys. I was very glad when the vet concurred re MR Eushu.

      He has the most white of any of my kitteh-boiz, but I’ve decided that’s because he had so many predecessors. Effy was coal black, Elrond had a small white spot on one toe, Efanor had a bit larger spot on his tummy and this one…well you’ve seen. I’ve decided that’s where the predecessors’ souls join the current incarnation and each one whitens a few hairs as he goes in. :ninja:

  • smartcat

    Love black kitteh on white ‘fur’. The one of him with Auntie C is priceless. What did Ysabel think of the pose?

  • Isharell

    He is truly adorable. Congratulations on the new baby, may he fill your hearts with laughter.

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