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Eushu is in the house!

First things first: a slideshow. Prepare yourself for terminal cuteness! (keep checking back. Sharon is sending me MARVELOUS pix! I’m making her my official baby photographer!)

Eushu came home yesterday. I didn’t want to say anything sooner because it was an online adoption and I didn’t want to say anything until I’d actually had some hands-on time with him. I can now definitively say, Eushu is here!

Before I do anything, I need to give huge kudos to Carolyn who was on Craigslist the day we laid Efanor to rest…if not before…looking for possibles.  Only after the fact have I learned how traumatic that was for her. Not just the looking and the whole idea of why we had to look, but because of some of the crazy-making ads people put on craigslist…not to mention the number of dirty sites using kitten and puppy come-ons. Eeeewwww.

All I saw were two different batches of pictures. One for a pair of black kittens out in Post Falls ID…very cute, but they didn’t speak to me…and the two pics of two different litters at the same home in which Eushu was hiding. Now that lot spoke to me, even the nonblack ones.

A word about my black cat fetish. Yes, I’m a Halloween baby and I do love black cats, but contrary to popular belief I do realize cats come in different colors and in fact I could love a nonblack kitty. However, growing up, my dad had a thing about “color” horses and even “color” cats. He felt, and he’s probably right, that they sell better…but I think he just liked them cuz they were flashier and much as I loved my dad….which was/is lots and lots….he liked people to notice him. Always a bit contrary, my tastes ran toward finding the beauty in the “common”. As far as I was concerned, Venus, a “common” sorel” on the surface was the most beautiful colored horse we ever bred. And of the kittens we had, the siamese were cute and pretty, but my favorites were the black half-siamese…in part because they were so much harder to find homes for. I kind of took on myself the task of providing homes for some of those hard to place kittehs, altho I can only do one at a time because my kitteh-boyz really are my familiars.

My other reason is ever so much simpler…I’m terrible about making decisions. By narrowing the field to the black ones, I eliminate at least half the possibilities!

I thought at first I wanted one of the twins…mainly because they were almost two weeks older. I had real concerns over a barely six week old kitten, which “Bugsy” was yesterday. But there was a family who wanted both the twins, who were strongly bonded, so their “mama” asked us if we’d be interested in Bugsy. Truth to tell, Bugsy was the one whose image kept flashing at me, and when they told us he had a thing about tucking himself into blankets…just like Efanor…we were hooked.

But you never know til you lay hands on them if a bond will be there, so with fingers crossed (which made driving interesting) we headed north, into an area of Washington we’d never been in…beautiful wooded country… to the Spokane Indian reservation. There we found a delightful couple and a lovely batch of the healthiest, happiest looking kittehs and their two canine caretakers you could ask for and when papa handed me this little black ball and he tucked himself into the crook of my arm, I knew we had a winner.

He aq22r“`55555555555fffffffffff2           222222222dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd d   bgxcffffffffffffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzasxsssxasqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

Hmmmm…a note from Eushu.

As I was saying…He was very good in the car. He’d probably been playing all morning. Fell asleep almost immediately, in a sunbeam and enjoying a good ear-scritching. He came awake about halfway home and began to realize his world had seriously changed. Even then he didn’t panic, but did want to explore the car and was getting a bit insistent about it, so I let him crawl about and wear himself down a bit, then brought his carrier forward and put him in there, door open, but away from the stimulus of the moving scenery. He soon settled and was very good all the way home.

Here he’s been exemplary. He’s very cautious about exploring each new room I take him into, has been a little gentleman with Ysabel, who seems relieved to have my attentions thoroughly occupied…Carolyn thinks she was afr`1aaa`1zzzztqqq…. (Gawd…he’s convinced my typing fingers are a game.)  afraid that I was going to try to steal her away.  Anyway, he’s playing hard, eating very well and has successfully pooped and piddled in his new little pink kitteh box. He seems completely unstressed by the entire affair, and slept hard and soundly last night.

He’s the runt of the two litters, like Rondo was, he’s part of two litters of mama and daughter, like Effy was, was raised with dogs like Efanor was, loves to tuck into blankets like Efanor, is a very cautious staking out territory, like Elrond…and is as loving as anyone could ask for.

I think he’s a keeper.

Oh…I’ll tell you about his name tomorrow….

Update: and now that I’ve posted, the little rat has crawled into the sleeve of my robe and gone to sleep! Guess I can get some work done now!

34 comments to Eushu is in the house!

  • 82Eridani

    Welcome home, little Eushu! I love his intent look and white diamond on his chest!

  • witchyg

    Absolutely adorable!! I’m so happy you’ve found a new friend 🙂

  • Bri

    OMG, he’s completely adorable.

    **don’t need baby kitty don’t need baby kitty don’t need baby kitty don’t need baby kitty don’t need baby kitty don’t need….

  • Oh, I am so happy for you both! Nothing sooths a aching heart more than a new, tiny baby.

    • Our kitties don’t want us suffering, so I think they designate replacements.

      Of course, babies being babies, he’s going to rule my life for a while. Right now I’m still sitting around in my robe because he likes to sleep in the sleeve! 😆

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I can attest to the fact that Eushu is absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly adorable! And Ysabel truly is on her best behavior!

  • TabbyCat

    What a perfect baby!

  • kokipy

    What a darling. Except for his white patch he looks exactly like Koko, on the right, looked at that age. Koko is sort of a medium-long hair, and he was fuzzy at that age – is Eushu? it is hard to tell from the pictures.
    Our Py used to crawl inside my bathrobe arm, sharing space with my biceps (if you can call them that) when she was that age. i used to think I needed one of those braces they give you when you really smash your arm, to prop it away, permitting the baby to sleep in a hammock-kind of thing.

    • Hard to tell what his coat will end up like. His mama and grandmama were nice and plushie, not as short as most Siamese, not as long as Koko. But none of them were black. Right now, he’s just fuzzy. He looks a lot like Elrond did at this age, but I suspect he’ll a medium short rather than medium long. It’ll be fun to just see what happens. Not knowing his papa, it’s an even harder call.

      He’s being sooooo good! He’s used his litterbox four times now (five if you count the poopie.) I’m so proud of him!

      He’s tried the drapes. We told him no and plucked him off. A couple more “nos” and he left them alone. He tried them again a little later and a simple “Eushu” called him away. Such a clever boy!

  • kokipy

    ps, more pictures !!!

  • Steve Stein

    It looks like he’s got Arrakis spice in his eyes. May he heal your hearts!

    • He’s definitely got us on the road to healing. Hard to be blue with so much cuteness and love in the house.

      They’re just starting to change. Still baby blue (Arrakis spice for sure!) for the most part, but showing gold around the pupil. The main thing is they’re bright and perfectly clear. Not a hint of mattering anywhere. YAY

  • Couldn’t post anything in previous posts due to my “non native english speaking” shyness, but here I know if I tell how CUTE he seems, it’s well expressed enough !

    Congratulations for the new baby !

  • sainteyebeat

    Looks like a devil in the making. Congratulations!

    Black half siamese are the greatest. Check out my old pals, Fable and Chukchi, in my Facebook photos.


    • They’re gorgeous! Totally agree about the half-siamese. They’re what got me hooked in the first place. (Effy was half-siamese and we suspect the fathers of both Elrond and Efanor…Siamese males were definitely in the district! Elrond definitely had the “look”) Eushu…I kind of don’t think so, tho he got the black from somewhere. Mama was a tabby.

  • He’s adorable! I hope you’ll be very happy together.

  • Walt

    Fantastic! An admirable job of color-matching, may I say? Blue eyes: blue clothes, blue pillow, blue cat-toy!

    You have a great LOLcat photo there: Pillow, blue: eyes, blue: I’z invizible!

    Even better, being a Simonize cat, you just need to get him to attack a chamois, and you have help waxing the car! 😆

    • 😆 I think I’m going to have some great additions to Cheezeburgers, once I get myself back together.

      The eyes, of course, will change. They’re just kitten blue and already showing gold (I hope) around the pupil.

  • kokipy

    My girls are enraptured. They think Eushu looks exactly like Koko did when he was a baby. I had no idea Koko would be a slightly long hair, so there is no telling. Koko has, actually, white stripes amongst the black, which is really apparent when we give him his summer lion cut – I detect some stripes on Eushu also. Eushu is a lot healthier than Koko was at that age, though – Koko was born in a barn where he found some tar that we had to cut out of him over time as he slept, and he had diarrhea for a while. But we never stopped loving him, the little darling. Now he is the escape artist extraordinaire. They aren’t allowed out but he is VERY DETERMINED TO GET OUT!!!
    Do you have one of those toys that is a ping pong ball in a circular track? they love to bat them around and around. Koko loves his even now 🙂

    • OrionSlaveGirl

      Kokipy, Koko was fuzzier than Eushu is. Please kiss both of your little darlings for me!

      Jane, I have one of those circular track-&-ball thingies. Our babies are too lazy to use it, so maybe you would like to borrow it?

  • chondrite

    New kitteh! SQUEEEE!!!!

  • He is such a beautiful, ferocious, little guy. I think that you have a real hunter there. A real hunter. You needn’t worry about any nasty mices getting into the house in future. Eushu will take care of them 🙂

    I showed the pictures to my daughter (she’s 19) and she melted into a puddle of goo. The words ‘cute, adorable, cute, adorable, cute, adorable’ kept pouring out of her in a torrent. She thinks that black and whites (Penguin Cats) are the most perfect cats in the world, even though her personal cat is a Siamese named Princess, who has her own Facebook page. Yes, our pets are indulged.

    Let me know when Eushu gets his Facebook page so Princess and Sam can ‘friend’ him.


  • pholy

    He’s gorgeous! Love those blue eyes! I’m so happy for you all; we all need some good news these days.

  • smartcat

    What joy to see Eushu find his home! Happy new kitteh! :wub:

    Except for bringing them into our homes I am not sure how much we have to do with choosing our kitty critters. Aloysius started trying to climb into my car the first day he saw me. I waited a week before bringing him home on the off chance that he belonged somewhere. I soon as we Let him out of the carrier, he stepped out with a look of “Well it’s about time you brought me home.” He was about 7-8 months old and within two weeks had totally bonded with KikiLaSois, who was probably well under two. I have never seen two strange cats bond the way these two have. Both having been found by restaurant dumpsters, they are know as The Dumpster Duo. (Meanwhile Friendly, who loves her humans but has no use whatsoever for cats or dogs sits in aloof, queenly splendor, allowing her humans to care [worship?] her.

    • I’m getting increasingly mystic about these things in my old age…altho it’s not totally new. I’ve always had this wonderful if a bit creepy feeling that each new black kittyboy contains a bit of the previous ones. Very strong in Eushu.

      For all we know, those two were communicating and KikiLaSois was sending him mental vibes of the car/person to claim. :ninja: They are, after all, cats.

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