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Update: Pookie

Nothing definitive in the upper GI. Couple of ulcers in the esophagus, just above the stomach, and a couple of routine biopsies from tissue subject to change because of the achalasia…so on to the next test (that will come on Friday AM). I just wish they’d done them both today. I think maybe they looked […]

Spring Flowers

This on again off again spring has been hard on some of the plants. The dogwood and the weeping cherry didn’t do much of anything, but the magnolia, hawthorne and tree peonies have come through nicely. And our front yard is starting to take shape. Some pix for your amusement:

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This post lost its title!

It should read: A guest blog post by yours truly: Night Bazaar

This is a neat site with lots of good thoughts about the book biz. Check out Carolyn’s guest spot while you’re there. Thanks again, Courtney, for inviting me in!

Catching up with Demon Cat

I can’t believe how far behind I am. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted this gallery. It’s from a WEEK ago! I can’t say I’m getting spectacular pics but they’re cute.

There are several here of of yet another variation on the ball chase. I almost didn’t put the little tetherball up on top and […]

What I know…

Ain’t much, but this is what we know so far.

I’ve gotta leak somewhere. With luck, it’s a nice juicy ulcer that my Tuesday AM endoscopy will find and zap. Then, my bone marrow manufactory has its work cut out for it replacing the red blood cells that have escaped.

Basically, last weekend, I was […]

And here I thought it was the new hair color….

…turning me this strange shade of greenish white. Turns out I have no red blood cells. Gosh gee wow. No wonder I’ve been just the slightest bit dizzy! Thanks once more to OSG for insisting on bleeding me dry. I go see the doc tomorrow, test results in hand and hopefully getting answers.

Meantime, I […]

My baby boy gots a owie!

He’s not putting weight on his left front paw at all. No obvious wound. He can use it, but it hurts pretty badly. He wants to play, but I don’t dare let him. I’ve got him in his carrier in my room under a blanket right now trying to minimize input, but he’s very upset. […]

We have bridge supports!

(Oh, joy…I never posted this. So…think yesterday)

Our friend Steve just delivered them! Thank you, Steve!

Tomorrow, we’ll paint all the pieces for all three bridges. Get a couple or three coats on in between skating, let them dry overnight…I think we’ll have to bring the cars inside the fence…then see if we can’t get […]

#1 place you don’t want to see a Bald Eagle:

Flying up from your backyard pond.

I’m just sick. Our fish have been freaked for days, hovering down at the deep end. Not coming up to eat…We thought it was water chemistry. Have been doing water changes and all kinds of things…Today, I was working away in my room, caught a glimpse of something out […]

If Rapture Means…

…being out of your mind happy, Mr Eushu qualifies. He’s livelier than ever this morning, purring up a storm, and his tummy, after the morning packing, is soft and plushy rather than hard as a rock. He’s now a happy little camper!