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Efanor is home from the Doc’s

And doing fine, as you can see from the pics I just took. For how long remains to be seen.

Basically, his bone marrow has ceased to function. All his blood counts are tanked. It’s not FIV or AIDS, thank goodness, which pretty much leaves cancer. He’s had a steroid shot and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we can buy him some quality time, but it is just a matter of time.

He’s alert, moving about easily and wonder of wonders, the one packet of smoochies I’ve been hoarding for years actually managed to get his attention. He ate several which is more than he’s eaten for two days. He’s not going to get well, but at least he’ll have a few more…days? Weeks? who knows at this point? All depends on if he starts eating. If not…well, he’s made his decision.

I thank you all for you kind wishes. Am I upset? How not? He’s been my darling companion through some pretty strange times both wonderful and stressful. But he also counts on me not to put him through a bunch of stuff he doesn’t understand, and because he counts on me, I’ll manage. I figure, like Elrond and Venus before him, when the time comes, he’ll let me know.

20 comments to Efanor is home from the Doc’s

  • CJ

    Hugs. We both know we’re not going to get any work done today.

  • arkessian

    I’m so sorry. It’s never easy, at times like this. I’m thinking of you all, and hugging my own old lad…

  • smartcat

    {{{hugs }}} to all of you.

  • WarriorofWorry

    From here, too. {{{{{Jane &Efanor}}}}} and {{{{{family}}}}}

  • Sandor

    Oh jane – I don’t know what to say but I wish for some good quality time for you and Efanor and the whole extended family.

    Even when our elder kitties leave us some nasty presents, I can’t think of what it would be like without them greeting us when we arrived home.

  • The worst present Efanor has ever left us was a hairball. It was … strange coming into the house after we left him at the vet’s. From the time I brought him home I’d never come into the house without him waiting. We’ve been so much a part of each other’s lives…side effect, I suppose, of working at home. But also…he traveled everywhere with us…My two previous kittehs, Effy and Elrond, had to make do while I worked outside the house or left town to go to a con. Not Efanor. He’s gone everywhere with me…

    Well, he’ll continue to do so. I could swear, over the years, that Effy and Elrond were living there inside him and I’m sure his successor will carry a little bit of Efanor as well. Nine lives and all…

  • One still hopes for the best, though.

  • kokipy

    I am so sorry. And you are so wise not to put him through extreme measures, which wouldn’t make him feel better, wouldn’t cure him and probably wouldn’t prolong his life much. I did that once to a much beloved cat because I couldn’t bear to lose him, but I won’t ever do it again. It was very selfish. I did give insulin shots to another one for three years, but his quality of life was fine with that, until the very end when he too stopped eating.
    We will all be thinking of you. Let us know how things are going when you feel like it.

  • chondrite

    I’m very sorry to hear about Efanor. Hugs and sympathy to all the household, both 2- and 4-footed, and I know whatever time remains to him will be as pleasant as you all can make it.

  • Kroyd

    Please know that our thoughts and best wishes are there for you and Efanor (and CJ and Ysabel). My son lost his cat of 20yrs last month, so the 3 kittehs at my house are pulling a little more weight these days when he visits. Hugs from Claws, Hilfy, Hobbes, and their servant, Kroyd.

  • I understand how it feels. I love my current two very much. I also am reminded occasionally of my previous two, also very special.

    I’ve been through having a kitty with FIV and another who had occasional seizures. Both had good lives, even so. So… I know it’s not easy.

    I hope Efanor can have good quality of life and.enjoy being with you and CJ and Ysabel. Kindest wishes to all of you.

  • 82Eridani

    Hugs and licks from me and canines Tucker and Shadow. There’s no easy way to get through this, just endure and know you and Efanor are in my thoughts.

  • pholy

    I can only echo what all the others have said – it’s hard to type when the screen is all blurry. I had to let my Alex go three months ago and I still hurt for him and now for you all, too.

    Hugs to you all

  • philospher77

    I’m so sorry to hear about Efanor. Having lost my Trink to cancer in December, all I can say is do what you feel is right, love him as much as you can, and he will let you know when it’s time to go. People always say that, but it’s true. She just looked at me one day and I knew that she was tired of fighting, and that it was time to let her rest. That still didn’t make it an easy decision. Hugs to all of you, and know that you are in my thoughts.

  • Hi Jane,
    I never had a pet (except impersonal fishes), so can’t even start to begin to feel what you do. I however send you both my best wishes, and hugs.

  • Thanks, everyone. And you’re absolutely right, they do let us know.

    This is my e-kitteh’s third life. The Original Incarnation, Effy, was killed by a car when I was out of town. The second, Elrond, lived to a ripe old twenty. (You can read my little piece on my Venus and Carolyn’s Khym there as well.) Rondo definitely let me know when the time had come. So did Venus. I know how peacefully they let go and that helps now, as much as anything can. The hard part with Efanor is that he’s only fourteen and looks so sleek and beautiful, but he’s getting weaker by the hour…Tho he ate a few smoochies and some tuna this morning.

    Mostly, he just finds his favorite spots and sleeps. He is, after all, a cat!

  • Lynn

    My heart’s with you…

  • TabbyCat

    The sad news about Efanor has brought me out of my lurker shadows. You are so wise not to subject him to painful and frightening treatments. He will be happy and comfortable in his familiar home, with his familiar people, where he knows he is loved. Wouldn’t we all prefer this?
    You are in the thoughts and hearts of many, including me.

    • Thank you. Both for delurking and for the thoughts.

      We all go through this at some point, at least those of us who are animal people. It’s one of the prices of bonding with beings whose lifespans are inherently shorter.

      I don’t mean to dwell, but for those facing this kind of decision for the first time, this is how I look on it.

      Critturs live in the Now. They aren’t constantly thinking about what was or what could be. As their friends and, in effect, their ‘gods’ it’s our job to make sure their Now includes a minimum of fear and confusion.

      Judging a moment that I can take him to the vet and have it a quiet passing rather than a final moment of fear is the major factor. He’s got to be far gone enough that being in my arms is his only Real World, but I also don’t want to run the risk of having his physical state deteriorate to the point of convulsions or other fear-inducing factors.

      This was a lot easier with Elrond, who, at 20, simply got very frail and whose kidneys were shutting down. Efanor’s decline has, literally, been a few days. I tried an appetite stimulant yesterday which has had no effect. He’s drinking very little now, and cats can’t go more than a few days without water. So…soon.

      Carolyn had a good suggestion, which was to have the doc come out to the car to do it. Efanor has absolutely no fear of the Subaru…it’s almost a second home with all the travel we’ve done.

      It’s little things like that which can make a difference.

      The other factor to consider is your own peace of mind. Thinking ahead so you don’t find yourself taking a convulsing cat into a strange emergency vet after hours or on a Sunday. A few more hours of holding isn’t worth it. Not to you and not your pet.

      Of course, all this philosophizing doesn’t mean I’m not writing this with tears running down my face. It’s hard. Really hard. But a few days of pain balanced against fourteen wonderful years…worth every tear.

      Hugs to everyone.

  • WarriorofWorry

    Thoughts are with you. “Dwell” as long as you need to. {{{Hugs}}}

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