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The Hard Part Begins

Ysabel is searching for him. She smells him all over the house, no way not, but he’s not here. She calls and there’s no answer.

Ysabel and Efanor have an interesting relationship. They were never what you’d call warm and cuddly with each other, though occasionally we’d catch them sleeping within touching distance. When we […]

Efanor has joined Elrond, Effy, and Khym…

And I’m completely at peace with it.

This might well be more information than most people want, but for someone facing this situation for the first time, my experience today might be helpful.

I thought this AM that he was gone. His breathing was that shallow. But when I turned on the light, he rallied […]

The Magic of Plants

We got a gorgeous rhody to put next to the front porch last summer. It promptly baked…well, after passing the three month mark for returning it. By the time I got the time to pull and move it, I was sure it was done for. I moved it to the shade on the other end […]

Efanor is home from the Doc’s

And doing fine, as you can see from the pics I just took. For how long remains to be seen.

Basically, his bone marrow has ceased to function. All his blood counts are tanked. It’s not FIV or AIDS, thank goodness, which pretty much leaves cancer. He’s had a steroid shot and we’ll keep our […]

New Seeking North Post!

Lynn stuck one up on us without telling!


Harmonies is on Kindle

And it’s already up!

I fear #1 Bat Man Fan isn’t going to like it at all. (Gulp.) I will say this for him/her, he/she writes a heck of a review. These books aren’t for everyone and these reviews do an excellent job of pointing out the specific elements people might find most troubling/off-putting and […]

Helping out a friend

Vera Nezarian is one of the hardest working authors I’ve ever met. Life has dealt her some seriously hard blows recently, and she’s asked that we spread the word about her publishing company: Norilana Books. There’s some great, great stuff here. Personally, I’m headed for Pride and Platypus…

More GoI graphic up on TC&L

I got the rest of Claiming Rites up for viewing! Except the last page….Don’t know where it is. Weird. I’ll have to scan from the graphic itself…. Ah, well…have fun! Remember, you can actually buy a full color, slick paper copy at Closed Circle! Signed and everything!

Back to my darling Wesser…


Who’s on Shakespeare

In honor of the beginning of the season and thanks to my sis for putting me onto this:

Have fun!

He’s baaaa-aaack

I speak, of course, of the Wesser. Back and in full computer-crashing style.

I decided this AM that I was sick and tired of editing and prepping books and solving web problems and I was by golly going to start writing and writing what I wanted to write, not what I thought was most likely […]