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The glossary grows…

I just sat and did a spell check while watching the telly last night. Oi….I truly think most are obvious once you get into the combined word mode, but maybe the glossary will help establish that mindset. Ah, well. Easy to put in…

AcStat: Vandereaux Academy Station AmerInd: Amerinds: An actual 20th century term for […]

Glossary help!

Okay, my clever darlings…I have been reminded that a glossary w/b very useful in the ‘NetWalkers books. I can put one together and get it into the books, but I was just about to put UpLink and Harmonies up on Amazon, so I’d really like to get it done in the next couple of days. […]

To All You Lovely Reviewers

It does make a difference!

Groundties got a mention on http://www.fourstarsandup.com/ a nifty site!

Thanks to all of you who let me know about this! I never would have found it on my own. I :wub: youse guys ‘n’ gals! Even the ‘negative’ reviews are perfectly legitimate. The one points out the writing style is […]

Online Comics: A New Toy!

One of my on-going round tuits is scanning all my original artwork. In the course of trying to update my Amazon listings, I thought putting up some of the interior shots of the Gate of Ivrel Graphic might be a good thing…which led to finally getting around to scanning the original pages of the graphic.


Another video about unbelievable people

doing amazing things: People are awesome! (I’m tired of this slowing up the load on the site so I’m sending it off to its own page.

Skinners Part Three is UP

This s/b it from me this month. Have fun!

Skinners: Part Three

Updating Amazon Entries

Getting access to my listings is downright dangerous. They have spots there for things like author comments and stuff like that. I’ve been trying to make my entries more intrustin’ and thought I’d share them with y’all…seein’ as how that’s been the sum total of my online presence for the last few days!

We’ll start […]

Can’t wait to see this series

the trailer alone is awe-inspiring:

Fascinatingly horrifying images

Of Japan before and after: New York Times

Rooftop rescue The Wave…from the air Wave spilling over sea wall

As with all natural disasters, one wants, one truly wants to find the magic words that can take the pain away for those who have lost loved ones and homes and are struggling to get their […]

amazon UK link

Sheesh…why doesn’t Amazon echo the reviews? This is dumb.

As per H’s comment, the UK store is on its own. In all your copious spare time, if you’re so inclined and would like to echo your own review across the ocean, here’s the link: