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Well…that was intrustin’

In all honesty, I never seriously considered DRM. It was a passing notion that I threw out there to see what happened. As has been pointed out…it’s easier and easier to crack and puts out an impression that’s pretty much against our stand on to topic at CC.

Re: pricing. There’s no way I can […]

I’ve just been up on Amazon

And I’ve got a serious headache. Reading the contracts and looking into the pricing rules and process of publishing…sheesh. I wish I knew more…or less.

The one thing besides pricing I’ve been grappling with is the question of DRM on the Kindle versions. It’s a decision you’re stuck with, once it’s made. I’m tending toward […]

RadCon debrief

RadCon this past weekend was great, but then, it’s one of those cons that even if everything goes wrong, you’ll have a great time just because of the people who put it on and attend. It’s a large con (2500 people this year) and in a hotel that enjoys hosting the con (Red Lion). Even […]

Where are all my friends?

Weird experience of maturity #1093. Dropped in on the Friday night RadCon dance last night. It was loud. The music unfamiliar. The strobe lights bright. Glow lights and LEDs flashed everywhere. Lots of jumping about and craziness. Lots of crazy outfits. The beat drilled into my gut and made me want to move.

i.e. it […]

Sometimes all you can do is sit and stare…

When I put the bulb in and it didn’t light, I knew I was in trouble. I thought I’d followed a perfectly logical trail of closed circuits. I thought I’d tested all the currents in the lines to prove my suppositions. I thought everything was cool, and I was going to have a nice new […]

Electrical adventures in home ownership

after we finished the kitchen counter and sink, I traded my plumber’s hat for my electrician’s. Next on the agenda was supposed to be replacing the overhead incandescent “darks” for florescent light fixtures in the basement so maybe we can actually see to organize it and begin to use it as the craft room and […]

Another Puz

Whoopsie! Thought I’d posted this. It’ll be a b#*(h in 240 squares!

BRMpuz2 Jigsaw Puzzle

New stuff on Seeking North

Hope you all have checked it out. (link on the side bar) We’ve already got some 20,000 words up! Lynn’s got three sections up, Carolyn’s got one, and I’m just waiting for March 1st to post my first bit, which I just finished a rough draft on this afternoon. It’s nice to be writing again. […]

Valentine economics

Anyone else notice a massive increase in Valentine’s Day ads? I’ve never noticed them before and now they’re all over the TV! ValD is HUGE in Japan. I wonder if advertisers have decided they’ve missed a big guilt-fest opportunity. I also wonder if White’s Day is next.

Probably not. Women’s equality in this country never […]

More puzzles

Surely I have better things to do with my time… Stephen and Wesley closeup UpLink Rusalka Harmonies of the ‘Net Faery Moon