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New countertop day

The white countertops are LEAVING! (Actually, they’re going downstairs to be relegated to a laundry folding table and sump-support, but that’s another story. I’m sitting here waiting for the installation guy to arrive.

We moved into a house with uuuuuugly colors everywhere but in the kitchen…and it was Stark White. White counters. White fixtures. White […]

Best women’s Nats EVER

Update: Yay Alyssa!!!! The entire final flight was great. A couple of falls here and there, but some SERIOUS skating going on! We could have a serious horse race over the next few years. Alyssa’s beautiful skate undermined Marai, who made a few mistakes, but I don’t think that routine has what it takes to […]

What have we become?

It takes a lot to disgust me, but I’m disgusted. Disappointed. Appalled.

Around Christmas, I Tivo’d a new version of O. Henry’s classic “Gift of the Magi.” Today, I tried to watch it.

I believe I’ve mentioned, I’m not a big short story reader. Gift is one of those I’d never have encountered were it […]

Quicksand Starts Here

When the three of us lived in the same household, Lynn and I used to take long walks and do a lot of talking about all manner of topics. (Carolyn doesn’t walk. Period. Well…unless there’s a latte on the other end. :whistle: ) Many of the walk-talks focused on not surprisingly…work, and, in the way […]

Gee…how about a new post?

It’s not exactly breaking news now, but Closed Circle has launched a new project, Seeking North. Quite simply, it’s a shared world that we’re going to build right before your very eyes. Plans are now, we’ll rotate…each of us has a month to play in the sandbox, with the first post for each month going […]

Family Vids: Experimental Endurance Plane from the 1950’s

This is a little clip from one of our family videos that I’m editing. It was taken by my dad, who was flying the “chase” plane. (My term, not his. I don’t remember him talking about this, so I don’t know if he was up there in any official capacity or not.) The airport seen […]

Amazing Horse/rider story

Bettina Eistel and her very special horse Fabuleax-5

Thanks to all of you who have forwarded me the email containing this story. Here’s the original link. Read it and weep for the sheer wonder of the human spirit and amazing animals who share this world with us. I wish I could find YouTube that […]

For Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger Sufferers

I might have a very cheap and relatively painfree solution. I have suffered with excruciatingly painful wrists and fingers for years now…the wrists have been a problem since I refinished a cabinet and did way too much sanding with a hand sander twenty years ago. I’ve had to lever myself up off the floor or […]

My love-hate relationship with research

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sssslllllooooowwww reader. The main reason for this is, I can’t, absolutely cannot, skim. In order for anything to make sense, I have to parse out each and every sentence. This makes me a pretty damn good editor but makes research for a specific project a challenge to say the […]

Our fragged, cleaned and reorganized tank!