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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Hope it’s wonderful!

Ours been great so far!

We had a lovely ‘Eve last night. Ate healthy food…like popcorn and Carolyn’s yummy family (oopsie! I mean Carolyn’s yummy family applesauce cake!!!!) and a bit of Barefoot Bubbly…while watching Celtic Thunder’s Christmas Special that we’d Tivo’d. The food was satisfyingly fattening and the show was wonderful. […]

Critiques: How I handle them…

Badly…But not in the way you might think.

This is one of those FAQs authors always get asked and for which every author has a slightly (or vastly) different answer. I say I handle them badly because I let them get to me and undermine my confidence in my own work. I always have to […]

Kindle for iPhone help, pwetty please?

I got this query and I haven’t a clue. Can anybody help us out?

“As I’ve posted over at CJ’s blog and at Shejidan, I’m trying to discover how to load independent ebooks, such as from Closed Circle, into my iPhone’s Kindle for iPhone app. I can sync just fine for Kindle ebooks purchased from […]

Blood Red Moon gets a new cover!!!!

Warrior of Worry made a very good point. Cat is not an obvious grab. Once the series is established, sure, but right now…let’s go for something a bit more … endocrine. Without further ado:

I don’t have it into the file yet, but when I do, I’ll send out yet one more email link. (Sheesh.)


You go, Johnny!

Tell it like it is!

Bethany Frankel (who the heck is she, anyway?) was very vocal last week about not caring what the judges think, meaning she doesn’t really care about getting any better. Johnny came back this week with he doesn’t care to watch her skate considering she doesn’t want to work at it. […]

Patty Briggs was in town today…

to sign her new book, Wolfsbane at Auntie’s. Can’t wait to read it.

We totally zapped the diet and went out to Thai dinner with her and her darling hubby, Mike. Had a great time with them, as always. I was once again impressed by Patty’s positive attitude and generosity of spirit. She’s always got […]

Mohawks off the wall!

And three turns! Not very far and not very big, but I did whole strings of them. I’ve been working sooo hard to get my left knee solid and to stop pronating. Kneebends in front of the mirror before and after shower, pulling the knee out…and I think it’s finally paying off! Still a long […]


Thanks to Peter, I think we have a new option at CC: download directly to the Kindle. Yes, the Kindle does access the web and yes you can navigate a site and download directly to your Kindle. It wouldn’t get you the full options of file types, but it would get you a single, DRM-free […]

Off to the rink

For the first time all week. I can now admit to a Very Stupid act on my part earlier this week. My back’s been screwed up for several days. Because of the enormous amounts of snow to be shoveled/blown? No. Because I fell skating? No. Because I was climbing all over putting up decorations and […]

Facebook ads and publishers

Has anyone out there ever actually followed a FB ad?

Personally, I’m going to declare ours a complete bust. Out of 232,000 “impressions” we’ve gotten all of 138 clicks. Of those, only five have downloaded the free sample and I see no evidence of sales from it at all. Could it be the cover? Possibly. […]