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Dancing with the Stars Finale

I’ve tried to avoid inflicting DwtS on you all, but it’s certainly been an interesting season.

There’s no question that Jennifer Grey should take it all. She’s been a-ma-zing. (Her one “flub” week, her Paso, was a total anomaly. I’m frankly betting she can blame it on pain-killers. Her completely aberrant, out of control movement […]

Next time you think you’re so smart…

Totally cool link from buddy Kim. Next time you decry an “eighth grade education” from “the olden days,” see how many of these you can answer: http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/quizzes/8thgrade_test.cfm

Cool look at the Monkey Trial

Never know what you’re going to find out watching the History Channel.

According to the show “The Most”, the Scopes trial was a hoax! Well, not a hoax but certainly deliberately contrived. Evidently the town of Dayton, TN was failing economically and certain leading citizens saw, in the Tennesee anti-evolution statute, a great way to […]

Light Bulb Moments

Yesterday, when we were putting up the BRM ad, I realized I’d never gone in and updated the BloodSuckers page. I really needed to do something about it.

I pulled the page up this morning to update and was, frankly, a bit appalled at the bitterness reflected in the text. I’m sure it’s a fairly […]

Closed Circle T-shirt Transfers

Timing: the essence of comedy.

I just got word from Carolyn that someone was asking about the possibility of us selling Tshirt transfers as opposed to the Cafe Press offerings…as I was headed in to tell her I’d just ordered some transfer sheets from Amazon in order to test exactly that. I’ve been thinking all […]

Cat’s out of the bag!

I took Tuesday off…lazed around and (wonder of wonders) just…read. And slept. And read some more. I haven’t done that in YEARS. Sure it was “manuscript” reading, but it was on a Kindle which made it like reading a book (I’m TOTALLY hooked on the Kindle!) and it was (yes!) Betrayer, the next in Carolyn’s […]

BRM II begins

I’m actually writing! YAYAYAYAY! Not sure yet what this book is about, but it’s got a beginning. An argument! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

So…everyone go ye forth and spread BRM to the world! The more I sell, the more feedback I get, the more excited I’ll be about the sequel.

My important links

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Humanistic Novels. What’s that?

I was having a discussion recently with a dear friend about politics, economics, Ayn Rand, and writing when he asked me a question that brought my side of the conversation to an abrupt end. When I said that I didn’t write the same kind of book, that I was fundamentally a humanist, he asked me […]