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Blood Red Moon is UP!

Along with Carolyn’s delightful Rusalka. Two books at once! YAY

I don’t really have anything clever to say, just…please, enjoy.

I hate to admit, I’m exhausted…and still have more to do on both CC and CCB. Sigh…


You’ve gotta be kidding me. I get so tired of these designer types telling me a complete collection, not one of which lets you wear a bra, is wearable!

Yup, I’m talking Project Runway. I don’t want to diss any of the finalists, all of whom were exceedingly talented, but to award the prize to […]

Natal Day News

First, thanks to everyone! I feel so blessed to have such friends!

I was oddly busy getting back into “book” mode yesterday. Several days at my brother’s working on the family vids kinda distracted my head and I still want to get BRM up for Halloween! I think, after today, I’ll make it.

Anyway, we […]

Well…that was special

Just got back from my first trip to the emergency room. Why? A plant attacked me with poisonous spit!

Mug shots of my attacker:

Formal name: Euphorbia Rudolpho

Common name: Wood Spurge

Doesn’t look like a vicious killer, does it? I ordered this lovely little thing over the internet last fall. It came in a […]

Buttons and mugs and all that good stuff!

And we liked the round design so much, we’ve added it as a second Tshirt design for BRM!

As always, there are lots of different styles and colors available. If you don’t see what you’d like, let me know and if Cafe Press makes it, I’ll get it up there.

I’m concerned again about how […]

BRM items at Closed Circle Bazaar!

I’ve just put up the Tshirts…barely in time for Halloween…I’m sooo behind!

Am working on designs for other products today. So…all you black cat lovers, here’s your chance!

Prince of Persia Lovers

Have gotta love this. The Prince really can do all that stuff!

It’s nuts and I hate to think how many kids are going to wind up paraplegics because of the trend, but it’s really amazing what the human body can do!

Dancer and Stevie are going bonkers.

Gotta wonder just how he did […]

Mischief managed…I think

I think I was asking the DVD maker to do too much. Nero 10 also has a very powerful (if I could just figure it out) video editor. I was trying to cut and paste in the DVD maker when I should have been doing it in the movie maker. I ended up with a […]

Something is going wrong

with my Nero DVD burning software. I’m trying to make DVD’s of the AVI files I got of all our home vids. I import the files just fine, make all the chapter heads and such, then try to burn and…nada. I’ve saved the log, but can’t find an error msg anywhere in there. WAH!

Ah, […]