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BRM discussion page

For those who’re reading the sample: I’ve added a new page for discussing Blood Red Moon. I’m really kinda nervous about this book, it having been through so many incarnations, so would love to know what you like… and what you don’t like.

BRM sample is up


BRM cover

I’ve decided to be optimistic about the future of Sergei and Crew and have started a new Series Title: Nights of the Blood Red Moon. But first things first. The newest cover!

BRM Edits

This is one of the more difficult editing jobs I’ve ever done. Blood Red Moon (name still subject to change) was written on demand, to fit an ambiguously defined style. It was rewritten to fit even more ambiguous input, again from my agent, with all the good will in the world bless his heart, and […]

How old is your self-image?

Dinner with Sharon the other night got into some interesting territory. Everyone, it seems, has an internal age, a gut level sense of how old they are. We got to talking about it and it turns out I’m weird (no surprise there) as my internal age is actually pretty old…late twenties or even thirty.

I […]

For my fellow dancing horse lovers:

I went up on youtube looking for a good example of Deymio’s dancing horses and found this magnificent freestyle routine by Blue Hors Matine. I’d heard of this mare and she really was special. She’s only nine in this video! I’ve never seen such cadence. And durned if she doesn’t feel the beat! Unfortunately […]

A new page has been added!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now. So much of my blog is dedicated to my cover projects and other visual stuff, and the categories is a clunky way, IMO for organizing them. So I’ve added a page that will have thumbnails linked to their slideshows. So far, I’ve just got […]


Thanks to my buddy Maelen for putting me onto this. A “commercial” aired only once, in acknowledgment, not meant to make money. I think, even if you’re not as huge a fan of the Budweiser Clydes as I am, you’ll get a bit teary. It’s really quite special.


A time of remembering…

but not what you’re likely thinking, given the date. 9/11 has a much different connotation around Tau Ceti, Inc.

Nine years ago today (9/12/01) Carolyn’s darling father, Basil Cherry, passed away. Basil was a wonderful man, strongly religious, yet with an inquiring, lively mind. I remember many fun (and challenging) discussions with him as he […]

A question of character…Part 1

What makes a good/believable character?

I’m putting part 1 because the subject has so very many facets that it might well turn into several posts, but I got to thinking about it when I went up to Amazon to get the isbn numbers of RoL and got seduced into reading the book’s reviews and realized […]