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It’s a cover!

Been a productive weekend. Got back to work on the front and the dry streambed is taking shape. And Alizant’s cover’s done!!!!


20 comments to It’s a cover!

  • kokipy

    looks great! does that mean the book is available at CC?

  • CJ

    I think she’s still got the file conversion process to go.

  • Yeah, I do. I’m planning the next cover right now, then I’ll start converting tonight. I think I’m going to set Sept 1 as the release date!

    • What’s wrong with where your Canadian hemlocks are placed? If you can see through them, and they’re going to be trimmed high enough you can walk under them, why does the neighbor lady think she HAS to watch traffic at the stop sign? If she’s so damned worried about it, maybe she should set up a camp chair on the corner and write down all of the license numbers of the cars she’s apparently afraid are running the stop signs. I don’t believe you should have to move the trees just because she’s got her dander up. As I stated on WWoAS, give her an inch, she’ll want the whole mile. If you keep accommodating her, when will she stop demanding more? My opinion? Tell her to put her complaints in the “accommodation”.

      • the problem is the visibility for drivers at the stop sign, not traffic watchers, and I think they might actually have a point. The two trees “fill in” the visual line of sight between the big, established and very opaque hemlock trunks. Even after they’re big enough to be trimmed up, it’s possible they’ll become a visual problem on a sometimes very busy road. And it will be years before they’re large enough to do that.

        He says others on the block have mentioned it as well. I take that with a grain of salt, but these are the people who have to use that intersection the most, as their driveways come out on Courtland. Ours lets out right onto Ash, the busy street in question.

        The curve right after Courtland makes drivers hug our side of that intersection, so I can see where edging out into the road to see might be a problem. The main thing is, we can put the trees somewhere else. He wasn’t over here complaining beligerantly. He was very hesitant and a little embarrassed. He knows how hard we’re working. They’ve been trying to deal with it for several months and they honestly feel it’s dangerous. He and the other neighbors were also willing to help when we’re ready to transplant.

        But I think we’ll just move them. It’s no skin off our nose and don’t want to argue unnecessarily since all he has to do is spray weed killer on a day with an Easterly wind to take out all our fish. Right now, he’s very conscious and considerate of the problem.

        bottom line, we live in a neighborhood and as long as it’s reasonable…which I think this is…I see no reason not to play along. If they tried to make us take out the big trees, THAT would be unreasonable. This costs us nothing but a little time tomorrow morning.

        • As hot as it is, and as windy as it is, it costs more than time – you two are going to be exhausted with the digging, the moving, the filling in, etc., etc., and that’s just what you don’t need, especially you, after getting your hands back somewhat and your back realigned, you don’t need to have that happen again.

  • Kroyd

    Yay! And since one is on vacation this week, it’s just enough time to re-read the series to prepare. Congrats! 🙂

  • I’m curious to know the history on this one–but only if it doesn’t cause you grief to talk about. Just like, when did you write it–how soon after the completion of the third? Does it start a whole new story arc? 😉

  • ready4more

    Jane, I love your new cover artwork! I went over to Closed Circle before I read your blog here. There is one small thing bugging me. On your books for sale you have $5.00 then sample (link) and then the upload file box. You and I and regular members of the Wavey Navy and the Captain’s Cabin know that the samples are free, but the way they are set up, some poor deckhand might get the wrong impression. Can you move the sample up above the $5.00 (still not quite clear enough) or call the link Free Sample, or best of all move the link for the sample below the box for purchase AND call it free sample? You don’t want to scare any customers away… I’m looking forward to Rings of Change: Alizant, but just wish it could be ready sooner (I leave for a cross-country business trip EARLY on the 30th and won’t be home to a computer I can download to/from until 3 September, and I was looking for a nice long book to take with me…. Ignore the whine, I’ll get it when I get home….

  • Katoji: It starts a few months after Destiny ends.

    R4m: Good point. I’m going to be working on that as soon as I have the files ready. And who knows? I might just have that baby ready in time. 😀

  • smartcat

    I :heart: the way you go through the evolution of a cover! VERY NICE INDEED! Thanks for being so willing to share your process. :wub:

  • AbigailM

    Hurrah! I love having Tesla’s tower.
    nits to pick, nits to pick — just because I have lived all my life with horribly strong glasses, I know that when you put glasses on a face, they change the eyes (unless they are empty frames) Those of us who are nearsighted end up with squinchy little eyes, as seen from outside. Because of the sequence of the slide development, this rather hit me. Of course, by the time you have all those neat reflections on them, who cares? Not me!

    More good e-books — Diane Duane now has all three of the “Doors” books up, for $3, $4, and $5. Run don’t walk – these are GOOD BOOKS, even if they had some of the same publisher issues as some others we know about around here. http://www.dianeduane.com/Tale-Of-The-Five-Middle-Kingdoms-Novels-Now-In-Ebook-Format

  • Wheee! Thanks! Definitely going to check out Diane’s books.

    Re: the glasses…yeah…but…this is a fantasy, right? :D:D:D

    Tesla’s my hero, tho I play fast and loose in this with his wireless transmission. :whistle:

  • tyr

    It takes a mighty genius young lad to jump from Faraday/Maxwell/Marconi to a Tesla
    tower that soon. It is possible, but you need the budget along with the brains.

    I noticed a couple of months ago that people were finally using his ideas on a mini scale.
    One end plugs into the wall, the other attaches to the cell phone, as long as you’re
    near the cell phone never runs down its battery.

    With the decreased power consumption of modern electronics we may see a reasonable
    usage of broadcast power instead of the rats nest of cords that are a modern plague.

    Then again this is the same species that scraped off the first calculus text and used it to
    write a prayer book on. …

  • It’s not really a meaningful Wardencliffe Tower, it’s just the idea of an umbrella of power vs power lines. It’s how I think of it, not necessarily how it actually is in the book. :D:D:D And remember, Alizant didn’t invent all this. The ideas have been kicking around for a long time.

    And it is still a fantasy. :angel:

    I remember when I wrote the Groundties series, I had someone in an audience challenge my station design on the assumption that there was no way to get electrical connections between one part and the next. I’d never really thought about it, but I gave him, without a moment’s hesitation, three different possibilities, one using his style of wiring, one using broadcast power and one using my contrived future system. It was one of my better “making it up as I go along” moments! :ninja: :silly: :whistle:

  • I have to admit that I never made it all the way through Ring of Intrigue. (that was the second book, right?)
    How essential will it be to finish the first trilogy of Rings books before starting Alizant? Or should I or any new reader be able to jump on at Alizant without any prior experience with the previous books?

    • Hmmm….I don’t see why you couldn’t. Depends on the kind of reader you are. Some relationships will be a bit odd, since they developed in Intrigue and Destiny, but there should be enough… especially Ganfrion’s relationship with the brothers might be confusing… but if you just go with the flow, it should work out.

      I know for me, I’m the kind of person who can read the ending without it ruining the book, so if you’re kinda like that, it shouldn’t hurt anything. It’s also possible, seeing where things are headed might make it easier to go back and read the intervening books…

      The original trilogy is also one of those stories that it helps to be in the right frame of mind to read. We were talking about this elsewhere. There are some books, even of Carolyn’s, that the first time I tried to read them, I couldn’t get into them. I went back and tried later and loved them. Not saying that’s the case here, but the Ring books can be like that for some people.

      Alizant is also a much more straightforward story than the initial trilogy. That three brother mix was hard to keep sorted out. I see why most writers write orphaned only children! 😆

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