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a lovely little undocumented feature….

of Adobe Digital Editions, one of the more widely used epub readers. It won’t create italics by simply canting the font. If you embed a font which doesn’t specifically have an ital version… it defaults the font to one that does. Tracking this little gem just cost me two solid days. Other epub readers have […]

A bit of History: Rings of Change: Alizant

Katoji: Ask and ye shall receive…even if a bit late!

The “how” and “when” of RoC: Alizant is a bit involved (what isn’t in my life!?! :biggrin: ) A sequel involving Alizant’s machines was always “in the plan”, but after I finished Ring of Destiny, I really wanted to get back into my SF universe. […]

It’s a cover!

Been a productive weekend. Got back to work on the front and the dry streambed is taking shape. And Alizant’s cover’s done!!!!


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The Rhomandi Riding Academy

Lest anyone think they’re doing their child a favor to buy them a pony! OTOH, considering this little guy’s seat and persistence…I think it might be a Nikki-in-the-making!

Today’s vid comes thanks to good buddy and fellow horsewoman Maelen.

There’s another…much shorter, of Ed being very good.


To go with Simon’s Cat

Too cute!

Check out Maru and a big box 2 (not the super slowmo first one… it’s ok, but the other’s cuter.)

And yes…there is a crossover!

For all the cat lovers…

Another day, another link:

Thanks to my dear sis and buddy Craig who both put me onto it at the same time.

And there’s lots more where that came from!

Have fun!

This is SOOOOO cool!

Thanks, Chip, for passing it on.

I spent an unforgettable summer playing with dolphins in the name of a job down in California back in the early 70’s. This piece catches their intelligence, playfulness and whimsy like nothing I’ve ever seen.


And if you’d like more, check out YouTube


A cheap way to keep you all busy…

Cool links I’ve been sent/discovered:

From CJ: Kliban…the original lolcat: http://www.eatmousies.com/home.html

From OSG(not sure this’ll work outside of FaceBook: Phenomenal climber/dancers: (http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=7885500&id=215494935292&ref=share)

Discovered from a pic in an email: Amazing paper sculpture (http://www.bnr-art.com/eckman/)

Have fun, everyone!

Don’t be surprised…

If I go “missing” for the next while. I absolutely must buckle down and come up with some covers. I need to get my unpublished work up so that I can start working on new stuff. And after our mini-flood, Mom’s archives have achieved a real priority status on the round tuit list, which means […]

Lest anyone ever wonder why we moved to Spokane…

I offer a new slide show.

Brother Chip and I had a great day together. We started with the problem of salvage of the super8mm family films. We think we’re onto a good local company, and they made a special effort to take in those damaged by the water and run them through the first […]