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New mug on CP

Ask and ye shall…. http://www.cafepress.com/Closed_Circle.460960543

11 comments to New mug on CP

  • Hanneke

    Cheers for Jane!

  • Hanneke

    I think you forgot your markup – you’re supposed to earn money from this!

  • I keep having problems getting to Cafe Press. Both Firefox and IE 8 can’t connect, which tells me that CP is having problems with their servers because I can hit other sites with no trouble.

    • Hmmm…weird. I haven’t really tried today except to put up the mug. Didn’t have any probs then.

      • I reset my DSL modem and tried again in a few minutes and it came up just fine. Problem on my end……

        • Oh, good! Congrats on solving the problem. I tried DSL back when it first came out. Was what drove me away from the phone company for good and all! THEY couldn’t get their expletive deleted DSL modem to work and wouldn’t come out to solve the problem for a week! I called the cable company and they were out that afternoon with my cable modem. Whoopsie! dinner’s coming.

          • I am sending you a PowerPoint slideshow from Shejicon3. Not all of the pictures are that great, but if you find one you like, perhaps you can use it for a design? Permission granted to use any or all of the photographs in the slideshow.

  • We’ve got them set at 20%, which we think is fair. We might reconsider as time goes on, but for right now, that’s where we’ve got them. I actually had forgotten to change the prices on the TnT mugs, which were the first thing I put up. I based those on what CP is charging.

  • chondrite

    DO WANT!
    CP is still having trouble, apparently; clicking on a different view of the mug takes one to a different storefront altogether. Unless you are selling shirts that say ‘front’ on the front.

    • That’s strange. On this mug? I just went there and it was fine. The mug is just the same image on both sides witht he stars in the center. I believe in two handed drinking!, so you need to have a “view” on both sides. 😀

  • 82Eridani

    All the links have worked for me. Using plain ‘ole IE8. And I have had DSL since 2001 with few issues, including the original modem. As much as I hate giving money to AT&T, their service works just fine. Someday I’ll probably go totally wireless over 4G Wimax, but need to run the numbers to see if there’s any savings (cheap service being a bennie for working at Sprint).

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