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About ready to throw open the doors of CP Annex

We’ve got lotsa stuff up there, even if it’s just a few designs. You’ll see a lot of Thyerri and Temorii, cuz National Dance Day is coming up soon and I have a nice little button and bumper sticker.

We have decided to go ahead and put the items in theย  big CP storefront shop. The prices we’re comfortable with in our store are actually lower than the CP store. We’ll still generally make a bit more on a sale if things are bought right from our store, cuz we only get 10% of anything bought through the big store, but one thing we want to do is get exposure.ย  If it gets people coming to Closed Circle…that’s our main goal. Afterall..we want to write, not make more goodies for the CP annex!

Besides, all this is, as Abbey says, found money (though the amount of time it’s taking, I’m not sure I’d call it “found” but “gainfully-earned!” :biggrin: ) Thanks to the Shejidani folk, we have some fun Tshirts that will be available in all sorts of styles (My favorite so far is the polo shirt with the palm tree…go looking. :D)

Anyway, I’m going back to PSP for some more fiddling with covers to make them into buttons and tshirts…not as easy as you’d think! So…whatย  about we say, tomorrow morning, (Sunday) 8am (at least it’ll be 8am somewhere in the world!)

Mind you, this is not something we’re looking to make bunches of money on! No karma involved! Just a fun option that’s available these internet-run days and something to do with all the artwork we’re creating for the books. Just come in and have fun poking buttons. :biggrin:

And if you have an idea for a tshirt or button, feel free to suggest it! or if we don’t offer some item in a design you’d like to have, just let us know and we’ll get it up there.

See you tomorrow!

10 comments to About ready to throw open the doors of CP Annex

  • AbigailM

    Yay! just in time for the birthday pressie I need to get next month. Won’t she be surprised. Whee!

  • Have you seen Stephen King’s Cafe Press store? He better be quaking in his sandals down there in Florida…Closed Circle is coming on-line… :w00t:

  • Stephen King moved to Florida? I thought he was a Mainer through and through….

    Jane, the work is fantastic! Any plans to make a shirt with Temorii?

    • He lives across the highway and down the road from my Mom. Still right on the beach..just warmer…

      • Well, I can’t say he’s my favorite author, since I don’t read and haven’t read any of his books. I’m surprised he’d move to Florida, especially after getting run down by a drunk driver in Maine, it’d be worse in Florida!

    • Jane, Can you design a shirt with Temorii on the front and Thyerri on the back? That would show both aspects of the same character. Since you’ve got the buttons for Thyerri, the pattern is there, just haven’t seen Temorii, or if I did, I overlooked her. :heart:

      I did take a sneak preview of the site last night, I just went to Cafe Press, did a search for “Closed Circle” and it took me right there. I think the products look great.

  • Yipes! They don’t really care if stuff is ready or not, do they? I guess as soon as you put tags on, they grab it. We had our store hidden.

    Joe…I love the idea. No problem. It’s really handy to have done these covers on the computer and in layers. To create the different arrangements, I just steal pieces and paste in the order I want them. I’ll go do that now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • smartcat

    Looking good! The site is very easy to navigate; lots of fun stuff is there. :biggrin: :wub:

    Unfortunately I have to cut back on most spending as I have to have work done on my car. Expensive! There is no after market for the needed parts. :angry: ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • witchyg

    more bumper stickers, pretty please ๐Ÿ™‚
    don’t put them on my car, but them on my cube walls at work…makes upper management wonder even more about me ๐Ÿ˜†

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