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Am I going nuts?

Remember the compression gloves I said I ordered? This is where I ordered them from:


You will note, they say very specifically that these are non-returnable. Therefore, I took extra care to measure my hand according to their diagram: take the circumference measurement at the knuckles and apply the chart. I was somewhat surprised when my 8.5 in circumference put me at the far end of the scale, but I ordered accordingly, ordering a Large, since I was at the far end of the large scale, even tho they say to generally order a size smaller. I’ve got some craft compression gloves which I got on the small side and they tend to cut off circulation, so I thought I’d play it conservatively.

Since they were nonreturnable.

Well, my gloves came last night and…guess what? According to the sizing chart on the packaging, I should have ordered a small. Okay…they haven’t been opened. No hygenic compromise of the product.

So…I emailed:

Hi, there:

I have a real problem. I ordered these gloves based on the very specific instructions on your website. By those instructions, I was unquestionably a large. The gloves arrived today and by the measuring scale imprinted on the packaging, I should have a small! I know you say this item is nonreturnable, but this package has not even been opened, thanks to the scale on the outside of the package, and because of completely inaccurate information on your website, I ordered the wrong thing.

I think, (a) I s/b able to exchange it for the correct size and (b) I should NOT be responsible for return shipping, and (c) you should put the scale used on the packaging as a downloadable pdf on your website so that people will order the correct size.

Thanking you in advance for doing the right thing.

(Could I have been a bit more polite? Probably, but it was after midnight and I was tired.)


Their initial response:

I will contact the appropriate parties and follow up accordingly. My apologies for the circumstance.

To which I said thank you!


Then, I got this:


I have no indication that if measured properly, there would be complications with sizing. We indicate that the circumference of the knuckle should be measured. As such, we can arrange for an exchange, but we will not cover the shipping costs back as according to our website and product, the sizing is the same. Please advise if you would like to proceed, and I will follow up per your wishes.


Huh? So…I take this picture, and send it, along with the sizing chart from their website with the following:

With all due respect, that’s what I’m saying. The website is dead wrong.  This is the package:

Those circumference numbers in the sizing chart are nothing but double the corresponding inches on the width chart that comes with the gloves. This does not take into account the sides of the hands. It’s assuming the hand is absolutely flat, like a piece of paper! The circumference of my hand is 8.5 inches, but its width is only three. I maintain, the fault lies with your website, not my ordering decision.

Yes, I would like to exchange for the proper size but I should not be held responsible for the return shipping!




Now…are you ready for her response?

The below photo is a simple guide if one puts their hand on top of the indicated finger lines, it will estimate your size. On the website, we do indicate that the circumference includes only the knuckles, not the entire circumference of hand. The sizing guide on our website reiterates which points need to be measured. The website has accurate sizing, and we will not authorize return shipping in relation to the exchange. We will authorize the return, per your reply, but you will be responsible for shipping the product back to us.


“The circumference includes only the knuckles, not the entire circumference of the hand?” What’s that even mean? Do they even know what the word “circumference” means? And do you see anything that says “only the knuckles?” And if it were only the knuckles, can you imagine the size of the hand that is 8.5 in wide at the knuckles?

Am I missing something? Anyway, I made one final attempt…not that return shipping would break me, but it’s truly become the principle of the thing. I sent:

Please just give me a return authorization. I’ll handle the return shipping, but don’t try to avoid the facts.  It says right on the chart I took off your site (see below) AND I QUOTE: The circumference of your hand at the knuckles. Do you even know what the word circumference means? It’s the distance around the hand at the knuckles.

You own statement, that the circumference includes only the knuckles means NOTHING! I insert yet another image taken from your website, an image put up in conjunction with the chart:

That is showing the measurement taken around the hand! Those numbers on the sizing chart only correspond to the sizing chart on the package (and that only remotely) if you double the inches of the package diagram. If you take the chart numbers and apply them to the chart on the packaging, 4.5 to 5.5, which your chart lists as xtra small w/b a large!

Your web designer screwed up and I suggest you get someone to go in and reword that graphic.

To which she has now replied with an RMA.


9 comments to Am I going nuts?

  • :whistle: One must remember NEVER under any circumstances try to weasel out of responsibility if you have been proven in error, especially if it’s Jane who’s proven the error. :whistle:

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Remember, Jane, you are smarter than the average bear!

    Glad to see the expose on TC&L though. Justice shall prevail — and we all now know who not to order from! Viva la InterTubz! :tongue:

  • tyr

    We have ways of irritating you beyond belief…Web Management

    The world is full of all kinds of people, and so is the Net, They probably
    were forced to adopt the no return policy because they had so many
    returns because of the exact same problem.
    Nobody gets the tight size and nobody can fix the problem because
    the Web designer was a freelancer who has disappeared.

    I recall an argument with a retail outlet who said they couldn’t sell me
    an item to be picked up locally unless I drove 1500 miles to sign the
    credit card slip. I won’t ever buy anything from FutureShop in Canada
    for some strange reason…. :devil:

    You can encounter truly strange things now and then which make routine
    transactions seem like encounters with aliens disguised as people.

    Fry’s is a big discount electronics store here, the place is full of lackeys
    with nametags almost outnumbering the shoppers. I wander down to the
    comp area, ask for HP add-ons, was told they don’t carry any.
    I’m thinking this is strange as i move off ten feet away I find an aisle
    lined on both sides with HP accessories. Somebody was actually
    paying this clown to turn away customers…. :biggrin:

    I no longer ask their employees for anything and if they tell me it is daytime
    I assume it is night.

  • I’ve had an idea :devil: I’m going to send the whole email exchange to the manufacturer. If I can get them to agree it’s wrong, I’m calling the damn company and getting my $3.00 back! :devil:

  • chondrite

    Snrk. I wish you all good luck battling the Minions of Ignorance and Stupidity. I’d put in a graphic here of Dogbert as Technopope casting out the demons of stupidity, but I don’t think I can. It’s hard when most mail order companies want you to pay return shipping, even when the mistake was completely on their side. Unfair, ’tis.

  • My first inclination would have been to contact my bank and contest the charge, saying that the merchandise you ordered was defective.

    I must say, though: it almost sounds like you live in the United Kingdom, rather than the United States. Horrible service like that … well, just isn’t what I associate with having lived in America for most of my life; it’s what I’ve come to live with on a daily basis, in the UK.

  • Walt

    I agree with David: protest the charge. One thing I’ve done is called my bank (WF) and told them, “I’m protesting this charge just to preserve my rights: I think I can work it out.” But that stops the payment, I think. If you still want the product (why?), then order the new one before taking further action. When it comes down to it, most states have “fitness for purpose” laws. If someone sells you a product because it will do something (anything) it must be fit to perform that function. Once you have what your want, you can tell them to blow it out their ear. Indeed, do that now, before shipping back, if you think better of dealing with these (apparent) turkeys. If you decide to tell them where to stick it, don’t send the product back, but tell them you’ll be happy to return it if they make suitable arrangements to pay for shipping.

    Part of my thinking in this is that very few truly unique products exist. If one supplier doesn’t satisfy, another will. (And why is this supplier being so snitty? Do they truly have the One True Glove, or just an ego problem? The latter is far more probable.

    Standard disclaimer: IANAL.

  • It’s just gotten complicated. I sent the exchange to the manufacturer, and they, dear people, want to just send me the right gloves. Now I feel scummy. I know they can write it off, but I just wanted them to say I was right the dodos were wrong so I could get my $3. 😀 I’m sure it’s too late to stop payment, but … hmmm…it’s Amex. They’re pretty cool about that. 😀 Gonna try it!

    Meantime, I’m working my tail off on figuring out cafe press. Looks to me like everything they do goes dark, at least in the ceramics (like mugs.) So…off to rework the images I’ve done…

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