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Another goodie!

This one featuring my own darling child. Yes! Flagrant use of a minor! Complete with red bow! :blush:

Oh…it’s also got one of CJ’s all-time best quotes….From Tripoint. Thanks MM for reminding us!


I have to admit, I’m having a ball doing this. I’m afraid our store is going to be stuffed in no […]

New mug on CP

Ask and ye shall…. http://www.cafepress.com/Closed_Circle.460960543

Sobering thought of the day….

People make more on the sale of a single mini button on cafe press than I made on the sale of a single copy of GroundTies. By several times.

How weird is that?


The Annex is open!

Not much more to say. I’m still going to be working on products for the next few days, but we’ve got a few up there now. The sidebar menu is really long…I wish it had drop downs for the nested pages, or that levels of navigation could be squelched, but at least it gives you […]

About ready to throw open the doors of CP Annex

We’ve got lotsa stuff up there, even if it’s just a few designs. You’ll see a lot of Thyerri and Temorii, cuz National Dance Day is coming up soon and I have a nice little button and bumper sticker.

We have decided to go ahead and put the items in the big CP storefront shop. […]

Just a quickie…

Cuz I’m up to my armpits in aardvarks (i.e. cafe press stuff)

I’ve been messing with cafe press images and it looks to me like they go really dark…at least on the ceramics, like mugs and tiles. I’m wondering if those who’ve used their service can verify that.

Also…their angle on the mugs is kind […]

Am I going nuts?

Remember the compression gloves I said I ordered? This is where I ordered them from:


You will note, they say very specifically that these are non-returnable. Therefore, I took extra care to measure my hand according to their diagram: take the circumference measurement at the knuckles and apply the chart. I was somewhat surprised […]

Back from the dentist!

And I’ve never had an easier two hours in a dentist’s chair!

Looking for a dentist these days, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to a doctor’s office or a spa. Aroma therapy, soothing water features….the scent of fresh-baked cookies…I mean…sheesh. They seem to be vying with one another for the best way to […]

This is what we’ve got so far:

Finally sat down and whipped CafePress into submission. It was harder than it looks, and I’m still not sure what I did is kosher. The problem is, the way they’ve set up the “customize store” is really clunky. They’ve got several templates, all of which will let you put a logo on […]

Hi, all!

I’m baaaaack. Took a couple of days off and did nothing except office work and play some Oblivion. Hands are doing better.

Thanks to you all for your advice! This trigger finger thing is really weird. Not really in the wrist, but in just one tendon sheath. Seems to have eased off along with a […]