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Today, cleanup, tomorrow:

Cafe press… I hope.

I cleaned up Carolyn’s old dell today. It’s faster than my little Dell and will do conversions better, but it’s 40G HDD was packed. I backed up then dumped a lot of data files, including the old versions of the ancestry stuff, but worse, the ancestry program had put four different […]

Front yard water feature lives!

Ah, life in TauCeti land.

After a near-sleepless night, I finally gave up and started the backup process on my laptop. I’ve had Acronis disk imager (or whatever it calls itself) for some time and never used it. I decided it was time. I put it on my laptop, hooked it up to the terabyte […]

More fun with ebook conversions

OK. Fun’s over. I’m getting back to work.

When last seen, work included making new versions of the backlist with TOC and fonts. This is now a process I’ve done numerous times, right? I should have it down pat. Right?

Wrong. Trust me to always find a new and interesting problem.

I take my WordPerfect […]

June flower pix

Okay, folks…this is just what was on my camera chip. Mostly, it’s lots of iris and clematis. There’s one of the new wisteria I put in today. I’m not going to take the time to caption. If you’d like to know something more about any of them, just ask, ok? I’ve got some file conversions […]

The Beheading

That little guy was tough! Watch and weep…with laughter. :w00t:

Sunday, BBQ…and rain…

Yup. Rain. No garden party today!

So…up early doing cleanup/setup for an indoor party of the better part of thirty people! :w00t: We’d decorated Friday with cut flowers and they were already on their last legs, so I got a bunch more iris and renewed the centerpiece in the dining room, brought in all the […]

Near death experiences on the Little Spokane

8am and the weather is glorious as we sort ourselves out for the canoe trip. This is always eventful. The Little Spokane is safe enough…with life jackets on, you aren’t going to drown, but there’s always, shall we say, ample opportunity for adventure. Its current is deceptively tricky because it winds back and forth, with […]

Friday pizza and tin foil

Whoopsie! meant to post this this AM.

For those who don’t know or haven’t figured it out…Shejicon isn’t really a convention. It’s a get-together of a bunch of online friends who are kind enough to invite Carolyn and myself in on the fun. In turn, it is our pleasure to open up our house to […]

Another fine Sheji…

It’s Monday morning, the house is miraculously clean, and I’ve the warm afterglow of a wonderful weekend with good friends, and the slight blues of knowing it will be a long time before I see any of them again. I have a touch of third-day stiffness from the canoe trip, but it’s the good sore […]

Just a quickie

‘cuz I’m running so late! Gotta get my songbooks done.

But I had to give a huge thank you to our darling Claudia, who just put in two monstrous days’ work helping get the place ready for this weekend. This becomes even more important with our Wednesday workcrew currently grounded somewhere in outer Mongolia! Ah, […]