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The workshop note.

Short on time today…packing, you know. So I thought I’d just post the little generic letter I’m handing out to the workshop writers. Thot it m/b intrustin’.

Dear Writers:

Interesting group. Interesting ideas, all. Problem is, as they say, ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s execution that counts. These are some general notes I […]

Time to talk writing….

Ask, and ye shall receive.

It’s actually kind of an interesting time to, er, return to the subject for which this blog was originally intended.

We’re going to be at MisCon this weekend, and as often happens, we’ve been asked to do a writer’s workshop, and it’s got some…intrustin’ problems.

In general, I enjoy doing […]

So…what about Rings of Change?

I thought it was about time to address an issue which you all have very politely avoided throughout this Spring Gardening Splurge: the promised release of Rings of Change: Alizant.

I am working steadily on the edit, I promise. Will likely finish today or tomorrow and have an idea or two for the cover. It […]

Cool site!

Whether you’re a techno geek or planning a trip, this is one potentially useful resource!


Thanks to old friend Sarah Steever for putting me onto it.

Back update

Doin’ pretty good. Got a little skating in today, but the backward stoke and lift worked the whole lower back area a bit much. Must still be pretty swollen because it started to tingle and go a bit numb all around the joint, so I got off, glum, but smart.

Earlier this week, I finally […]

Go Evan!

Dancing with the Stars has been great this year, but Evan L. has been a bit of a disappointment. I kept waiting for the kind of breakthrough that Krisy M made a couple of years ago…Trusting his technique and just DANCE. And by golly, last night he did it. A darling Foxtrot where he just […]

My, how times have changed…

Herself and I watched the movie Julie and Julia last night. It is, in a word, a delight. Meryl Streep was absolutely phenomenal. We thoroughly enjoyed, it.

There was, however, a discordant note. The following is a spoiler, though I don’t consider the movie so deep that spoilers actually matter much, but there you go: […]

Why is it some people get lots of money…

…to make problems for the rest of us.

The other day, we turned the sprinklers on and whoosh a totally unwanted water feature in the front. I’d somehow clipped the sprinkler pipe with the Tilly, even tho I was sure I hadn’t gone deep enough.

Carolyn cleared the dirt away the offending section, but I […]

Pictures at last

Finally got NewGen working again, tho it still won’t upgrade. Bleh. Anyway, here are overdue pix. If you look with pic lens, they’re pretty grainy cuz it over enlarges. Just click on the first pic and you can click your way through them. Not much text to go with as we’ve been yacking about the […]

Age appropriate…

If anyone ever uses those words to me, regarding clothes, makeup, hair or behavior, they’d better be prepared to run.

Have you ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress”? Interesting show anthropologically and psychologically speaking. There was a gal on there the other night who was a cop in her daily life, forty-ish, pretty, and […]