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After all this work, I’m just not sure it’s worth it. I think I’ve found something legit to use and it’s just a version of a copyrighted font that somebody has adjusted and put up as “free.”

The license for a font is interesting…I looked at the license for Vivaldi and to paraphrase, you can embed in a file if it is “read-only” or in some other way disabled. (Can’t remember the exact wording.) Now…the question is, I bought Windows and got this font through a legitimate source. Does that mean that if I could some how disable it, would it be legal to include?

I know there’s a program out there with which I could easily delete all elements not actively used in the document, rendering the included file unusable for anything other than the book. Would that be legal use?

I just don’t know. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to ask.

I can’t waste any more time. Sorry, folks. Plain vanilla files is all I can give you.

Darn it. Sooooo close…

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