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Another day another font problem

Turns out the fonts I want to use are all copyrighted. I mean…sheesh! I can’t complain…but it is distributing without the license.Β  So…I’ve got to find free versions that look kinda like what I’ve used.

Trajan Pro, Westminster, Bank Gothic, Vivaldi, Brush Script, Hanson’s Hand and Schwartzwald

If anybody out there is a font-o-phile with copyright free fonts that look like these guys…I’m in the market.

What’s really frustrating is, the first Trajan I had claimed to be copyright free, but in fact somebody had evidently put it up without the attribute. I mean…how do you know getting them off these sites?

Wow, this is getting to be a serious bummer.

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  • Peter

    Have you given http://www.fontspace.com a look? Lots of fonts labelled as freeware/commercial use allowed, including some look-alikes to several on your list.

    As for how you know…mostly you don’t :cwy:

  • Creative Commons–those awesome people who give us nice free things like Filezilla, Gimp, FreeMind–and so forth also have a font site

    This page spells it out perfectly clear on the issue of free (I know I would want to be sure about it)


    This link is for the tag page, where they have tried to sort out fonts by description….it should be utterly free…no license, as they are voluntary submissions by the fontographers.


    Hopefully you can find what you need!

  • Aja Jin

    If you purchase a font, say from Adobe, do you have rights to use it in for-sale works? Seems like that would be part of the deal. Here’s another possible source: http://www.fonts4free.net/apple-garamond-font.html

    Geeze, being honest is hard sometime, innit ? πŸ˜‰

  • pholy

    Here’s one that says it’s a replacement for BankGothic:: http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/fonts/12-orbitron

    And I found a couple of scripts that might replace Vivaldi, but I’m not sure of their licenses yet.

    I am starting to poke through this web site: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/01/18/25-new-high-quality-free-fonts/

    It’s kinda fun … I mean, as long as your livelihood doesn’t depend on it :dizzy:

  • HEH HEHE…I can see I’m going to be font hunting the evening. I downloaded a bunch earlier, but I get so distracted byt the funky-font side of the force, I forget what Im looking for! I think I’m going to print a sample of the fonts I need an only go after lookalikes! πŸ˜€

    Thanks all!

  • tyr

    I would love to see someone try to defend a trajan font copyright in front
    of a competent judge.
    According to one of those links it was copied from Trajan’s column.

    My rational instincts tell me that those things are public domain.
    You might be able to copyright the comp program itself but
    you can’t remove things from PD that easily.


    I’d take a quick look at the font list in Open Office if it was me.
    But I lack some of the finer artiste sensibilities.

  • http://www.1001freefonts.com is another site I’ve used πŸ™‚
    Also, you can find typeface matches with http://www.whatthefont.com by uploading an image with the typeface and identifying the letters; that might get you some good matches with more flexible rights re distribution.
    And re Trajan’s copyrights: the original inscription is certainly in the public domain, but the full typeface, with its precise vector shapes for each character, full character sets, special characters, incidentals, and ligatures, is most certainly copyrightable. Making a typeface is an immensely complex and time-consuming endeavor, particularly for non-novelty typefaces (like Trajan, and particularly the utilitarian ones like Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, et ceteraÒ€”the ones that are meant for setting lots of text that’s easy to read). The amount of work it takes to make a really good typeface deserves protection. Free typefaces are a wonderful donation to us all, but everybody’s got to eat! πŸ™‚
    Then again, go to whatthefont and try to find a similar typeface (Felix Tiling comes to mind, but I’m not sure what its copyright status is).

    • Neat! I’m going to check that out tomorrow

      It would be all well and good if it were obvious where to go to GET the rights to use the fonts in an Ebook, and if the charge was reasonable. It’s another of those not yet covered problems of the ebook age. I could probably use the fonts if it were printed. The problem is, in order to include them in an ebook, you’ve got to embed the entire font.

      Hmmmm…I wonder if it would count if you “trimmed” the file to just the letters you used…Then you wouldn’t be distributing the font…


      I’ve found subs for most of the fonts. What I really want is something that mimics the sweeping curves and easy readability of Vivaldi. I think I’m going to try that identifying site tomorrow.


  • “Agency FB” in smallcaps works reasonably well for Bank Gothic, although I can no longer find it as a free font. Huh. :dizzy: :wassat: :pinch: I do have the .ttf file… :ninja: :whistle:

  • smartcat

    Jane ji, I just quickly googled ‘Dover Publications Fonts’; they have a number of CDROMS for sale. The nice thing is that all of their stuff is royalty free. In the past I have had very good luck dealing with them by phone for questions about copyrights etc. Hope this helps a little. :whistle:

  • Yeah…see…this is my problem. It claims to be copyrighted, but it’s all over the place on the freebie sites. Does that mean I can use it? Heck if I know!

    I got it legitimately through Windows (or maybe WordPerfect) I’m thinking, looking at the license agreements when you buy a font, that putting it in with just the elements needed for the file would actually be legal. the standard agreement seems to be that you can’t distribute it in a form that can be reused.

    Crazy problems you get into, trying to be legal! πŸ˜†

  • pholy

    All I can find are the “no distribution-license for sale” versions:


    From http://www.fontspace.com I found several cursive (but not so nice as Vivaldi, of course):
    ALS Script, Aspire, ChopinScript, FreebooterScript, odstemplik, and Promocyja

    It shouldn’t take you too long to check them out, if you haven’t already…

    Happy Hunting – Phil

  • pholy

    Ahhh, FOUND IT!

    http://www.rogersfonts.org.uk/html/files4.html at the bottom, Hanford Script looks almost exactly like Vivaldi.

    See his home page for note that all are PD now, and that it is his work.. So it should be OK

    I am persistent, you are stubborn, he is mule-headed :angel:


    • Oh, man! you are gooooood!

      The font itself, like Trajan Pro, wasn’t “designed” by those who hold the copyright. It’s a font developed long before computers and adapted by URW back in ’93 (according to their copyright on the file) for computers.

      This fellow says they are handdrawn, scanned, then cleaned up and kerned…which is probably what URW did in the first place!

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