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Destiny edits are done.

It took a while, what with the raking and all, but I’m working on the AfterWord now, so I should have Destiny and Intrigue up soon.

I actually did a bit of judicious clipping in Destiny. It was written at a rather difficult time for me, deaths in the family, Lynn leaving us to go […]

A brief explanation…

I’m sure you all think I’m nuts, all the time I’m spending on the garden. Unfortunately, once we decided to take out the lawn in front and then buy the plants, certain things became absolutely top priority. The big problem is I’ve only got this brief period between too cold and WAY too hot to […]


Sorry…I’m trying to get them up but the NextGen plugin is screwing up. Actually, it’s probably my fault because I haven’t upgraded the plugin for quite a while and now it won’t upgrade. I’ve got a query in to see if I can resolve the problem. Sigh….


Sorry for not getting the pix up. Will make another stab at them tonight. I was up yesterday morning at six or before, got a couple of hours in on Destiny, then a couple hours out front with Tilly, then an hour on the ice. By that time, I was ready to go face down […]

Okayokayokay, OSG…

I get the picture. No postie…

I’ve been kinda busy…Finally got the process figured out for the books and I’m trying to get Destiny and Intrigue ready to go up. There was always a weird inconsistency between the two (won’t tell what it was!) And I’m trying to make sure that’s sorted out this time. […]

Seriously cool fonts

and better pics. Absolutely brilliant examples.

Trajan Pro is another font I really want to be able to use. I knew there was a free version out there…Optimus Princeps. One download site was insisting that it was “plagiarized.” Now…that’s hard on a font based on a two thousand year old carving. However, taking the computer […]


After all this work, I’m just not sure it’s worth it. I think I’ve found something legit to use and it’s just a version of a copyrighted font that somebody has adjusted and put up as “free.”

The license for a font is interesting…I looked at the license for Vivaldi and to paraphrase, you can […]

Another day another font problem

Turns out the fonts I want to use are all copyrighted. I mean…sheesh! I can’t complain…but it is distributing without the license. So…I’ve got to find free versions that look kinda like what I’ve used.

Trajan Pro, Westminster, Bank Gothic, Vivaldi, Brush Script, Hanson’s Hand and Schwartzwald

If anybody out there is a font-o-phile with […]

One more try…

OK…for copyright reasons, I’ve killed these links. My profound apologies to the copyright holders.

Thanks for all who helped. Now…gotta find legit fonts.

Harmonies with fonts

Harmonies w/o fonts

I’ve got two files up there from a cleaned up html base. I’m hoping this will help with the goofy formatting.

If you have problems with […]


Oh…embarrassment. There’s a nice little link to explain how to write the tags. My only excuse is that the durned program did an update today…which must have changed how it recognizes links. The important thing is…all is well in epub land.