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Thanks to a generous friend…

I now have access to a Kindle. Seeing how it actually works is helping my ToC problem tremendously. All the links WP created were actually just fine. It was the table I’d made for formatting the ToC that was screwing things up.

We’ve made headway with the taxes….

The sun is coming out to dry […]

ToC’s are giving me headaches….

The Table of Contents for Ring of Intrigue is giving me fits. It’s gorgeous in Word Perfect, then I let WP “publish” it to html…which worked like a charm with RoL…and it’s a bloody mess! Half the pointers were screwed. They’re fine in pdf, but not in html. And to top it off, Namo, my […]

More trees in and the Intrigue edit is done!

We got the evergreens in on the side of the house, some of the grass pulled, and some primroses in just to brighten up the street-side of the house. And I got some work done around the pond…a couple of plants in…heather, a pretty blue-toned low lying (and prickly) evergreen, and something else I can’t […]

Sometimes, there’s just no good answer.

Yesterday, we paid to have our front lawn turning into something resembling a dog with mange. Part of me just wants to scream. I listened all morning, while working my tail off to get an area in the back prepped for receiving sod, to the guys puzzling over the fact that the sod was coming […]

I don’t believe this…

If there’s anything worse than a relapse of The Crud, it’s a relapse the same day that you realize you’ve done something unimaginably stupid…not to mention expensive.

I’ve lost my Wacom Pen. $100 down the drain…just like that. I’ve looked everywhere. I know where I used the board last and have scoured that whole area, […]

OK OK OK…pictures…

Gawd…I’m so far behind….Guess we’ll do the pond opening first before OSG sets the Assassin’s Guild on me.

I don’t remember when it was…A week ago Friday? That must’ve been it. We got the pond up and going. Typically, it was not without glitches.

In theory, starting the pond up and shutting it down is […]

I hope I never…

Cease to be amazed by the tenacity of life.

I’ve just come in from the first run-through of the pond/garden…pulling the weeds the mild winter failed to zap, raking away the mulch from the base of plants, checking out the new buds…and a good half dozen…maybe twice that…plants that I wouldn’t have given you the […]

Sometimes I wonder . . .

Do all authors have these problems with their characters? I mean, Carolyn really doesn’t seem to, but then, hers are overall a pretty well-behaved lot…

Ever since I began writing, my characters have had this insidious way of infiltrating our lives…not in a good way. First, it was Wesley and the computers. We have the […]

New CC book: DotBM is up!!!!

Lynn’s got her first book, Daughter of the Bright Moon up and ready for download!

We’ve all got to coordinate our page “excerpts” with the CC site, but in the meantime, if you go to her site, Lynnabbey.com and check out the Bibliography and “Rifkind saga”, she’s got an excerpt up there. I know, I […]

And the Academy Award for most brilliant writing…

Goes to Star Trek.

WOW! this is probably old news to most of you, but if there are other fans of the one and only, i.e. the original Trek, out there who have avoided this movie, having grown exceeeeeedingly gunshy over the past million years of weak ripoffs…I can’t over-recommend this movie. It would be […]