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Wow…just wow…that’s skating.

Un-be-liev-a-ble. I hadn’t seen Virtue and Moir this season, and they were phenomenal. But then, pretty much everybody skated their best, which makes it the absolutely best kind of competition. Do I think they deserved to win? Yes. Do I think their routines will be the ones remembered from this season…I’m not so sure. In […]

Win7 update…predictably weird

Thinking to do myself a favor, I backed everything up, then did a complete Vista restore before running the Win7 upGrade. Not sure how much I gained except for what will ultimately be a cleaner Windows Explorer. In Vista, when setting up, I did a couple of restores, each of which gave me a whole […]

Feedback that is ALWAYS welcome

Is feedback on how to improve the book format conversions.

Every once in a while I hear from one of you who is having to do lots of work to get a file that will work on his/her reader. Remember, we have nothing but Calibre’s generic readers to test these files on. If it’s something […]

Star Rangers strikes home….

All that talk about books we grew up with over on Carolyn’s blog had me in my library pulling Norton books and I’ve been reading them at night. Just finished Shadow Hawk and am already 1/3 of the way through Star Rangers.

What a joy….Pure, simple story-telling about compelling characters and situations that celebrate the […]

I really need to go back…

and read your responses to the “reviews on CC” page. Every day.

I get far too hung up on the handful of people who dwell on the “non-commercial” aspects of the site, when what we really wanted, as several of you pointed out in response to that post, was to make it “feel” like us […]

Thank you, Katoji!

I for one, think you’ve discovered Bren’s secret.

Let the games…and commercials…begin

So far, Coke is in the lead!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

We’re just home from RadCon. Had a good time with great folk. Will post a report when we’ve recovered.

Hugs to everyone!

Guess what I found…

Behind the scenes at CC…

Things you might not realize:

Like Lynn, putting down her writing in the middle of a sentence to handle a sudden call from us, out of the blue, about a mysterious charge from the company handling Caroyn’s domain name, something about which she had no reason to know anything, but for which she’d helped us […]