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What a team…

I think they’re going to do us proud. Everyone was great today, but the special treat was little Nathan Chen. I said, when he started, that I bet he was doing it because he missed a jump…maybe two…in competition, and wanted to prove he could do it perfectly. It was sooooo cute. He was so mad at himself, as he left the ice. I’m not sure it even registered at first that he’d won.

And I’m really warming to Jeremy. I love skaters who can do the blues well (Victor Petrenko was always phenomenal in that respect) because it really really really uses the edges, and Jeremy is proving to be one of the best ever. He did a flying spread-eagle leap of some kind tonight where his whole back arched, his arms flung wide and it was breathtaking. I’d say I could wish he’d add a little spangle to his outfits, because it’s so neat under the lights and adds to the body movement, but that’s really not him. At least not yet. Maybe that will change. And Rachael’s finale number was wonderful…She seems like a charming girl and she’s unquestionably a phenomenal skater…and I keep forgetting just how young she still is.

One thing that somehow hadn’t registered with me Jeremy Barret is almost ten year older than Caydee. I’d never have guessed it. She, like Rachael, is just so mature, she just seems more of an age with Jeremy. Certainly she, like Rachael, doesn’t skate young.

And then, there was the moment when all the past Olympic Gold Medalists took the ice. Wow….

Did I mention, we beat our own attendance record? Wonder if there’s any chance we can get the Nats back here for 2014. Somehow, I doubt it, but it would sure be grand.

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