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TauCetian Hot Springs

My philosophy of Christmas decor…

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..Is very simple: make the house sparkle. The more it sparkles, the more successful my efforts. That boils down to lots of lights and lots of clear or reflective surfaces. By that standard, this year is…pretty […]

The tree is up!

Nothing on it yet, but we’ll get that tonight. It’s weird, usually when it comes to decorating for the solstice season, I can just dig out the boxes, look at something, and know exactly what I want to do with it. And it’s never quite the same thing two years running (I mean, we’ve only […]

About those freebies…

I’ve given a lot of thought to the whole notion of charging for “GrounTies.” I can’t tell you how wonderful it makes me feel that you all think it’s too good for that, but I keep thinking back to the time when Warner changed imprints and was hyping their new authors. They gave away thousands […]

New GroundTies download

Especially for anyone using the PDF. It’s readable now. :w00t:

Harmonies is up, too

And I’m going in today and making a pdf for GroundTies that will match the other two, so it will have a “pretty” display as well. That’s part of what held me up on the other two. We have Adobe Pro, and I kept trying to search out a formatting command for its “import and […]

UpLink is…well…UP!

And Harmonies is soon to follow.

I really really really recommend the Mobi reader, if you’re going PC. After playing around with the various options, that is by far the most pleasant combination of book reading and flowable type…plus you can choose your default font from anything you’ve got installed on your computer, so you […]

Hey, all…Lynn’s blogging!

Yay! go check it out. She has such a wonderful, wry view of the world of writing!


A bit of a frustratin’ day. I know there are limitations to these formats, but the ones, like Mobi (Prc) and epub and lit should at least give you even indentation. I spent hours this afternoon trying to figure out why my indentations are, well, less than perfect. My html code going into Mobi is […]

Hit a few glitches…

…on UpLink and Harmonies. They are, to say the least, book-design challenging and are making us really learn to manipulate our programs. But I’m hoping to have them up later tonight.