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Closed Circle update

A sneak preview of the opening page is up at Closed Circle. Not that it’ll tell you much…the link buttons aren’t on it yet and there’s nothing live, but I can say that page will have links to all the major internal pages. That’s what the buttons are for at the bottom.

I’m exhausted, but […]


And we’re testing the paypal shopping cart. For some reason, the delete function works fine in IE, but not firefox. I’ve got a query in. Hopefully, will have an answer soon. Spent a lot of the day beating my head against the wall because the shopping cart wasn’t showing up. Finally realized…I’d never activated the […]

A belated Thanksgiving note

…to all of you for keeping our spirits and enthusiasm up through what has been a tumultuous (to say the least) year. Without all of you cheering us on, Closed Circle might have slowly faded away as a cool idea, but way too much work, in a year with so much else needing to be […]

We had a visitor this morning….

Our own black panther. Well relatively speaking. A lovely, sleek black kitty was slithering around the dry falls this morning. I didn’t get a picture of him, but I’ll try. This isn’t his first visit. He took an unscheduled dip in the pool earlier this fall. I didn’t see the whole thing, but I while […]

2009 first snow!

Survived filking last night, in fact had a wonderful time, tho Patty and Mike and the whole Tri-Cities contingent couldn’t make it. Patty’s got a GOH gig in Portland next weekend and needed to write. So…disappointment there, but had a great time.

Got up this AM to, yes, snow! Yay! Not a lot, but enough […]

Dig out the WD40 and Band-Aids!

It’s filking time!

Gotta a call last week from the local filk group. They’re having a get-together tomorrow and Patty and Mike Briggs are coming up for it. Patty suggested they call me, and, well, here we are, looking forward to the get together, tho with no small trepidation, considering we haven’t done this seriously […]

Catzilla invades China!

Flash: our correspondant in China has been made privvy to exclusive photos of an alien invasion in China. Naysayers maintain these photos are fakes, pointing out the subtle effects of photo-manipulation. Drug companies protest character assassination.

Tell this to the locals whose lives are being disrupted by this huge creature.

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Equal foot-rights for men!

Update: I haven’t (nor do I expect to) heard from Reebok, but I rather suspect, giving them the benny of the doubt, that what they’re doing is going for the most lucrative market as a test. They must be having to do major conversions of production facilities, and it’s highly possible that they’re waiting to […]

The miracle continues…

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of shoes that one of the first things I think of in the morning is getting them on. Even greater shock: Carolyn, the barefoot queen, has the same reaction. These shoes really are something. My ankle gives me only the occasional twinge now, with or without the […]

It’s a miracle!

Shoes both Carolyn and I not only can wear but want to wear because they’re so comfortable.

Carolyn’s feet and mine are about as different as frogs and ballerinas. Mine are flat as pancakes; Carolyn’s got these great high arches…which make finding tie shoes that don’t cut off the circulation durn near impossible.

I’ve been […]