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Silly question for the day…

Does anyone else have a pet that just smells good? (Spouses don’t count. They’re supposed to “smell right.”)

I’ve had three wonderful cats, Effy, Elrond and Efanor. Loved the first two dearly, and Rondo was, IMO, the Most Amazing Cat Ever, but I was never conscious of their smell. But then, they never parked in front of my nose every morning. Efanor is a morning cuddler, and a confirmed smoocher. I wake up every day to him lying across my arm, his head on my pillow and my nose buried in his ruff….and I just realized this AM, I love the way he smells. He always smells…sunwarmed.

Oh…I promised pics of current state of the mural. It’s virtually impossible to capture the color I’m talking about. It’s very subtle blues in the water and sky and green in the main mountain. I’ve enhanced the contrast a bit on the one of the mural itself to try and bring it out, but it doesn’t really capture it.

As you can see, the waterfall is still, which gives the backyard a whole different look. It’s getting so cold at night right now, that we turn it off at night. Since I haven’t “set” the rocks of the fall, I fear that freezing would cause the rocks to shift all funny, tho it would probably be really pretty. 😀

21 comments to Silly question for the day…

  • When my dog has just been washed, he smells quite nice, but otherwise, he smells like… dog. @_@ XD

  • kokipy

    The mural looks wonderful.
    I am not usually close enough to the cats to enjoy the smell, but one of our short people mentioned today that her sleeve smelled like Koko, the black one to the left. Pyanfar usually sleeps on my feet and gets up with me if I get up earlyl She’s kneading my bathrobe right now….

    • Jane

      So, now we know where your screen name comes from! I sorta guessed Pyanfar. 😉 What color is she? Efanor, the rat, kneads my stomach. Little Social Commentator. Grrr…. I’ll show him…I’ll diet. Lose the soft roll…

      That’s what I need. Inspiration!

  • mitha

    Cats seem to smell especially nice when they come in from outdoors. Some dogs of my acquaintance smell like popcorn when they are sleepy.

    • Jane

      Popcorn!?! We always had labs. They were indoor and out, but always seemed spotlessly clean. Mostly, I guess, they smelled like fresh hay since that’s where they spent a lot of their time, when not harassing the horses. 😆

  • kokipy

    The pond looks lovely as still as it is now, reflecting the garden. What are the characters in the upper right corner of the mural? I never noticed the tiny bridge in the distance before.

    • Jane

      Isn’t that pretty? I have the perfect view out my bedroom window for that reflection.

      I guess I didn’t put it into a post, did I? I should. It says “tonbo mon” which is Dragonfly Gate. Eventually, I want to put a subtle rainbow around the little bridge, and add hints of dragonfly blues and greens into the rock of the “pass.” It was Carolyn’s idea and one of my favorite things about the whole piece. It was the last thing we did. Carolyn found the kanji online and I took the images and blew them up and made a stencil, then we just spray-painted it with the bronze paint we’ve got for touching up our garden furniture.

      Hopefully next year we’ll have LOTS of dragonflies!

  • smartcat

    My cats seem to have a faint cinnamon smell. Aloysius has developed this smell since we brought him home from the restaurant dumpster in september. I think healthy cats just smell good.
    Thanks for the pics. I’ve been looking at the mural all day. Compared to the pics from last summer it does pop the colors. There is a *really* nice interaction between the mural and your landscaping. I think you have yourselves a four season painting . Now I’m looking forward to seeing it in the snow.
    Beautiful work! :biggrin:

  • Jane

    Cinnamon? Cool. And Aloysius is all cinnamonny now, too. Hmmmm….I bet your house smells reeeeaaaalllly yummy! :w00t:

    Words cannot express how much I love this mural. Ever since we started planning the pond, we discussed so many different ways to camouflage the garage, all of which sounded like lots of work for very marginal results. To have it turn out so well is a real gift.

    The mural was an idea we came up with together, but it was Carolyn’s idea to do this style. I jumped right on the wagon and found our “baseline” image, but I’d never have dared try it without her help.

    The funny thing is, we didn’t really PLAN them to go together (the mural and the landscaping) they just ended up reflecting each other really nicely. serendipity? (And as I think on it…probably a reflection of our basic aesthetic. I mean, the same people placing and painting rocks…)

    Once the mural began taking shape, I did a couple of things…I’m sure the rocks we were using around the pond inspired the foreground rocks…and I did put a “path” through the mural rocks on the far side of the moon gate.

    Then when I began placing the rocks in front of the mural…there was some deliberate transitioning there, in placement and rock choice, but it wasn’t until it was all done that I began to really appreciate the way it played back and forth with the pond and esp the waterfall.

    I look forward to seeing it in the snow, too. Hopefully not as much snow as we got last year! :cwy: I’ll be sure to post pics.

  • kokipy

    reverting to a question up line: the py in my name is indeed for Pyanfar, whom we call Py, or Pybaby more often. She is, we think, a Norwegian Forrest cat, or nearly so – not pure because she came from a shelter. But she has dark grey stripes interspersed with a golden undercoat, and her belly is all golden. She is very soft and fuzzy. She feels like cashmere and her brother Koki (see? kokipy. I have no imagination. the name has the emphasis on the last syllable) felt like silk. Py and Koki came home to us on Good Friday 1999, about 4 months after my old cat Dewey died.. Koki had to go live in Tacoma with my sister in law (whose two cats seem to have been eaten by mountain lions in a very cold winter and who needed a new cat very much) when he bit my spouse and put him in the hospital for a few days. Koki was seriously provoked by the spouse and by and large it was a misunderstanding, but by the time that happened we had two little girls and lots of toddler visitors, so we couldn’t take the risk that he might bite one of them.
    Koko, the black one in the bowl,is one of two who came home about a year ago at 4 weeks old, as a treat for the two little girls.,

    • Jane

      Oooo…if you have a picture of Py, (and maybe Koki as well?) could you post it in your gallery? She sounds gorgeous.

      Indeed, with little ones, you just can’t take the risk. Cat bites can be deadly. Ysabel, whom we call Ms Quisinart, has a killer bite. Just instinct, but something we have to be careful of with strangers and we just don’t let kids around her. She had a tummy condition when she was little, before Carolyn figured out she was allergic to corn, and she was probably always in pain. She learned to lash out in self defense and the instinct has never quite gone away, tho she’s ever so much better now and isn’t “mean” per se. When the one who’s taken the worst bites is the human she can’t live without (Carolyn) this isn’t meanness! And even when seriously provoked by her “little” brother, who always wants to play, she’s never really nailed him.

  • mitha

    Really truly, popcorn. Or maybe Fritos. But only when they are sleepy. Other times, just a “clean critter fur” smell.

  • Jane

    Intrustin’….You know, cats (and dogs) seem able to tell the difference between somebody pretending to be asleep and somebody really asleep. There are lots of clues, I suppose, but I wonder if smell is a primary one….Hmmmm…(as she goes around sniffing her cat during the day to see if his smell changes….of course, cats spend most of the day sleeping, so not sure that counts! 😆 😆 😆 )

  • kokipy

    they can also tell when you have the kind of illness that cries out for a cat on your tummy and then they come do that for you. It is very comforting.
    I will try to post Py pictures. I dont think I have any Koki pictures on this computer but I have a picture project in mind that is going to transfer all my advantix negatives to disc so as to get them into our new digital frame [gift for spouse for bday, inspired by yours] and when I do that I should have lots to pick from. Koki ended up being about 22 lbs, and very sadly he died earlier this year from diabetes, probably caused by overeating. but he was a fine character and I have missed him ever since he moved west. I do, however, have baby pictures of Misty & Koko, which I am certain you will enjoy!

  • 82Eridani

    Amazingly, both the dogs smell good. The only thing I can attribute it to is they sleep either on their beds or on ours, and those surfaces are laundered often enough that they pick up the smell of fabric softener. And they’re soft and huggable, too 😉

  • mmberry

    I have a poor sense of smell, so the only time I notice the furs having a scent is when Angel has been out in the rain (wet dog) or if the boys have been downstairs for any length of time. It’s a very musty basement.

    I did make a discovery this morning. I’ve always known that Khan is my warrior and Pascal is a spy. (Behavior and tux coat.) Houdini let me know he’s a Viking this morning. His light orange tabby markings came across as tall, blond Norse. Viking raider is probably going to be his personality trait. I stepped on his tail one evening and he first hit my foot, then all four hit my leg, leaving bruises where one paw connected with my leg. At 5.5 months he weighs 7.5 pounds.

  • kokipy

    I just posted a few pictures in my gallery, Py with baby Koko, baby Koko with my blackberry, baby Misty… Those were the days. Misty is now a rowdy, into everything, six toes on one front foot, feet like a giant. We do love them!

  • ajb

    HDR imaging may be the way to capture the mural (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_dynamic_range_imaging). I’m not tried it myself.

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