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My darling child…

Has a new trick.

I have one of those light alarm clocks that wakes you up with light and nature sounds. Not that I use it much. But handy little Efanor, when he wants attention, plays with the things at the head of my bed. Patting things, batting them onto the floor…most cat people know the routine. And for two years now, this has been a prime target for him.

Well, somehow, I honestly don’t know how, this thing got set to where a tap on the front bar, which used to cycle through the various light and sound modes, has gotten set to where the light comes on with bird sounds, and for three mornings now, Himself, when he’s decided Cuddle Time is over and Smoochie Time has arrived, calmly gets out from under the covers, taps that button, then sits and stares expectantly at me, as bird sounds fill the room.

Maybe he’s not as dumb as he looks…

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

16 comments to My darling child…

  • kokipy

    He doesn’t look dumb to me!

    • Jane

      The camera is kind to him. 😆 Not so much dumb as innocent. Naive, even. He is an extremely … sweet cat, give or take his attempts to get his older sister to play. I’m sure Ysabel considers him a total pest. :biggrin:

  • smartcat

    That is one SmartCat!

  • That is too cute!!
    Our last cat died last thanksgiving, and we don’t have a new one yet, despite pleading from my little sister and me, so I have no current cat stories. :(( But we do have an adorable yorkie named Thor. He is no longer allowed to have people food, as he then ignores his dog food. When any of us is cooking or eating a snack/dinner, he trots over and sits in front of the person with the yummies. When gthis fails to earn him a tidbit, he makes the funniest little sneezing sound (sometimes multiple times). Of course we have to scold him, but it’s absolutely adorable!

    • Jane

      Oooo…I don’t know if I could resist. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in my high chair “sneaking” treats to my best buddie, our black lab, Blackie. (Originality in names wasn’t my parents’ long suit! 😀 We also had a long-haired white kitty named…snowball!) Anyway, Blackie was my savior. A favorite family story was of me wandering off down the street to the high-grass lots several blocks away and Blackie running back and forth between me and home, initially instigating a search party, then leading them to me.

      What would we do without them?

      • He has also has jumped onto our couch (earns him an express ticket to the floor and a stern “NO!”). He is 6 pounds and perhaps 10″ tall at his back. And they thought he would only get to 4 pounds 😀 We named him after one of our ex-neighbors’ Irish wolfhounds, who were just a tad bigger ;P.

  • Dee

    ROTFLMAO!!!! i’d say he’s very creative and smart – at least about certain things. on the weekends, when our big cat is tired of waiting for us to get up and get her morning treats and refresh the food dish, she starts tromping around the bed and she isn’t particular where she steps or what part of your anatomy she steps on….

    • Jane

      Where food is concerned, he’s brilliant. 😆 This is all to get me up to “smooch” him. Those are his first thing in the AM last thing before bed Smoochies. At least, they used to be smoochies. Sometimes cluckers. Now, he has more variety. Then, when I feed the reef fish, he comes running the instant he hears the top come off the ceramic box that contains the fishie food. Once, ONCE, mind you, I went from that operation to giving him a bit of dried tuna treat that Carolyn got for Ysabel and at which she turned up her nose. Now, the instant that lid comes off, no matter where he is no matter how careful I am not to let it scrape, there he is, sometimes half-asleep, but he rummages in the ceramic box until he gets his tuna.

      Can you say spoiled? 😆

  • evenus17

    Getting attention …Just recently while toy making, I was concentrating on machining a smooth curve and then unpicking those infernally tight stitches that didn’t fit, when dear Cassie successfully got my attention and dang near gave me a heart attack, by gripping with her teeth, picking the pins and large darning needles out of the pin cushion which was in a “safe place” practically under my elbow, and dropping them on the marble table top. We both lept feet into the air while I frantically searched to see if she had swallowed any, of course not silly! but that game was good for two more plays over succeedig days.

  • Walt

    Better that my mother’s cat use to wake her!

    “I can see you’re still sleepy. What you need to get you started is a nice fresh face of dead bird. No, this is for *you*; I’d like some cat food if you please!”

    On a serious note, I read an article a bit ago that said those sound generators are as effective as drugs. I just put a CD of rain falling in the bedroom CD player. I find the uncountable nature of pure rain sounds keeps me from thinking about the sounds (counting bird, waves, whatever). If you have trouble stopping your brain at bedtime, they’re fantastic.

    • Jane

      believe it or not, that’s one reason I got it…then discovered that it’s not “fractal” enough! I anticipate the pattern, and it’s like a song in your head that won’t go away! I do like the bird sounds Efanor found, however. Not as predictable as the thunder or waves.

  • smartcat

    Back in the days when I had my pride of siamese cats they would leave ‘presents’ on the bed. This being the time when we lived w/out electricity, we learned very quickly to scan everything with a good flashlight. Kokipy , your image reminds me of the day I came home to find six cats sitting in six unfired bowls. I swear they used to get into group poses when they heard the car coming……..ah they are our little darlings. :whistle:

  • CJ

    I never trust a person who doesn’t like animals. There’s something about the internal workings of human beings that we need something—be it, as when I was in college, a green plant—to talk to. Followed by a betta. And in grad school 2 anoles, as many as 6 guinea pigs (when they had little ones), uncounted guppies, 6 angelfish, 4 gourami, and a baby piranha that lived with the guppies. Birds, fish, cats…at one point we joked we didn’t have pets, we had a food chain.

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