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3 days, 4 trips…

to Lowes, my nice organized bedroom torn apart…and I finally have a working fan again.

Today’s saga begins a couple of weeks ago, when my ceiling fan became stuck in the high position. (Luckily, since I find it very difficult to sleep at night without it.) Unluckily, this meant the only way to turn the […]

I almost forgot…

One of my bestest prezzies! From OSG:

Not Romeo and Juliet! I’ve had them for several years. A Bday gift from Carolyn.

I’m talkin’ about the socks!

When I opened them, I looked up and could swear I saw Juliet wiggle her foot invitingly. And they were a perfect fit!

Ja ne!


Is it just me?

Or do other people get lost down memory lane while working on these online puzzles?

I don’t recall it being an issue with real puzzles, but I find myself zoning out while working in the quiet confines of me bedroom/office, lost in memories sometimes directly linked to the image on the screen, sometimes only remotely […]

The Morning after…

As a lot of you know, yesterday was my birthday. (Mucho thanks to all those who posted their good wishes.) It was a fun day.

First…Carolyn went off to “buy some bubbly”…and got lost. Really. Got just a little wrong headed about exactly where a seldom-visited shop was, took a wrong turn, and bang! Lost! […]

New time-waster-toy…

Just for you guys and gals. Carolyn got me hooked, so I thought I’d just spread the guilt, er, joy around. The core of the timewaster is JigZone.com. It’s a really good online jigsaw puzzle site. The specific evil is that you can upload your own photos and it will make them into puzzles.

I […]

A comment applicable to all…

Hanneke said:

“A colleague helped me to change the lilacs-picture to 1000 pixels in png, and that seems to have helped. I then tried to change the CC-scetches to 1000 pixels wide in png, and that looked a bit better readable than in jpg, but those wouldn’t upload. Mostly when it doesn’t upload I get […]

Had a fun weekend…

…with my bros over in Renton. I don’t get over there anywhere near often enough.

Whoops, just read C’s blog. I’m supposed to tell you about the drive…which was utterly spectacular. I’ve been telling Carolyn for years about the vine maple in the Cascades and how pretty it is in the fall, but we’ve never […]

What’s in a name

For those of you who thought pronunciation was important…

Carolyn started reading the new Bren book to me today…and she’s changed the say SHE pronounces a bunch of the names. When she read me the last book, she pronounced Machigi, Mah-CHEE-gee. Now, suddenly, she saying MAH-chi-ghi. Go figure. Oh, and Najida has gone from NAH-jhi-dah […]

Almost done proofing Rusalka

Sheesh…I know I’m a slow reader, but this is ridiculous. Just had a bunch of things interfere. But almost done now, and it is such a treat. Sasha and Pyetr are so cute!

It’s a bit tedious…I’m going through and cleaning up all the html junque WYSIWYG programs put in. I’m not sure how Namo […]

Back on the ice!

And oh, it felt good. Painful, but good. My feet aren’t used to the boots and have been spreading out all summer. They’ll adapt soon enough. Balance was a bit shaky at first, but got much better just in time to come off the ice! The ankle did fine, and I think my legs are […]