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I put on my plumbers hat…

Actually, this was yesterday’s job.

We bought an older house (it’s almost as old as I am) and its parts are…wearing out. The faucet in the bathroom was probably really good when the place was new, but it was dying rapidly. The sink wouldn’t hold water and there was mysterious dampness underneath. I debated trying […]

I wonder why…

…documentaries on artists never bother interviewing other artists about artistic decisions. I was watching a History Channel doc on Leonardo daVinci, and there were all these “experts” rambling on about the “deep hidden meanings” within his paintings, and not a single artist was asked about the simple design elements involved. No, they absolutely HAD to […]

Ring covers: The set

Okay…here they are. Looking at them, I’m going to need to change the proportions on Destiny (the word in the title) a bit, but not right at the moment. I’m…tired! I’m going to go curl up with my computer and the Rusalka file and pretend I’m working.

But here, just for giggles, is the set […]

Ring of Destiny, the cover

Here we go again!

One thing I did not want for this trilogy finale was a cover featuring any one of the boys or any one scene. “Destiny” applies equally to all of them, and each one is equally important to the ultimate fate of the Rhomatum Syndicate of Nodes. So…I knew I wanted all […]

Deymio’s rings

More round things!

I always knew I’d have to do the rings one day, and the Destiny cover was it. Thank goodness for graphics programs!

I actually simplified them…no way I was doing a gazzilion whizzing concentric rings! Basically, I just started with a ring, the same as I’d made the others, then I began […]

Temari balls and RoI

In case anyone reading comments was wondering, these are temari balls. It’s another fun thing Lynn A got me started on when we shared a domicile down in OKC. It’s a Japanese art form that’s basically stitching pretty patterns on a ball of string. Usually they’re geometrically-based, but sometimes it’s flowers and such.

The following […]

RoI: the cover

Now we have all the elements, we’ll see what you think of how I ended up putting them together. I have to admit, I’m still on the fence with this one. Pros and cons all over the place. I like all the elements, and watching the slide show, I like different ones for different reasons. […]

The original Ring covers…

Kato-ji posed a good question regarding the original covers for the Ring books. She wondered why the first two books had no characters on them. (http://www.janefancher.com/htmfiles/bibliography/Rings/dance.htm)

My editor’s notion at the time was to have the city on about two thirds of the cover with the brothers’ portrait in a band on the right side. […]

I cleaned my bedroom today…

That might not seem like such a big deal (tho if you’d seen my room, you’d know why it was no small task…I have more surfaces than most sane people have in an entire house) but it involved some Significant Rearranging.

I can now sit by my window and work, with the waterfall right outside. […]

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